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It's time for us to travel east again. In this episode we encountered the towering figure of cyril of alexandria cyril may have been born to lead church in alexandria. He was certainly groomed for it. Throughout cereals young life his uncle theophilus had reigned as bishop and the office ruled with a heavy hand. You might remember him. From several past episodes. It was the office who encouraged divisions between various groups of egyptian monks. It was theophilus. Who worked with epa fania of cyprus to conduct an international purge of origins influence in the church. It was the office who orchestrated the downfall of the bishop of constantinople. John chris system. The office was jealous for the power of the egyptian church. Since the time of the apostles alexandria had been honored as one of the three major bishoprics of the church. The others were roman antioch. But in the fourth century another city the imperial capital constantinople rose in prominence and importance. The awfulness feared the eclipse of his own churches influence and resented the power. The bishop of constantinople enjoyed simply because of his access to the emperor and the year four. Three he presided at the senate of the oak. The kangaroo court that deposed john chris system and prepared the way for his exile and death. The office was accompanied on that venture by his nephew. Cyril who was probably in his mid twenties cyril surely remained in close contact with his uncle and may have continued working with them. The office would rule as bishop for another nine years when he died in four. Twelve cyril was chosen to be his successor. Riots followed the announcement. Some alexandrian had grown weary of theophilus brutal style of governance and they wanted a change. Pagans and jews were alienated and even the provincial governor arrest. Us was disappointed by the choice of cyril as bishop cyril remained however and so did. The violence alexandria had a reputation as a rough and rowdy city dominated by gang violence. There were even gangs of thuggish christian monks who were always ready to brawl. The office had often exploited divisions to cultivate political and ecclesiastical allies the australis sewed the wind but cyril reap the whirlwind. The first years of cereals episcopate were marred by street fights and riots which he could do little to control in four fifteen came the riot that would ever after be invoked as alexandria's shame in march of that year. During the holy season of lent a christian mob hijacked to the carriage of the pagan philosopher. Hypoxia they dragged her into a nearby church where they stripped her naked and tortured her tearing out her eyes and murdering her slowly by cutting her with pot shards when she was dead they mutilated her body and dragged her remains through the streets before.

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