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It is december twenty second. I am giving you an urgent flash news report. We were not planning on doing a podcast today. But our staff reporter. Yes we have one staff reporter janet. Janet came out with this information and she was about to publish. This remain wipe website. Actually these are just talking points. And she's making the article now. This urgent breaking news is all about the paycheck protection program as we discussed yesterday and as we've discussed endlessly earlier this year the paycheck protection program is something that every single real estate agent in the united states at least needs to be considering taking advantage of the way. The program works is quite simple. And i'm gonna read you all the details now but what matters most. Is that your urgent. Because so many of you last year when jillian. I started telling me about these new programs really in earnest in march and april. You didn't pay attention. You waited too long. You thought about you analyze you question that you are getting mixed information. You're basically filling your head full of mickey mouse and you didn't take action. The program closed and then they did up the release of the program again and then guess what happened because you then we're just taking it seriously and getting your paper and you miss that opportunity as well. So don't do it. Don't do for a third time for the thousands of you who listen to us back. Only originally told you to consider taking out paycheck protection loan. You have an advantage this this go around as well so i'm going to read you the details now and then we'll discuss these things a little bit and again. This is a flash news report now than normal. Tim and julie harris real estate coaching podcast. All right. here's we got key. High highlights the nude paycheck protection program. Ep runs through march thirty first. This is the second cash you can get relief aid in this in this second round. This is all we know. So far like i said these are just her notes. But i'm gonna read these to you raw 'cause you guys need this information to get ahead of the line and they're literally is a line and you do definitely want to get ahead of that in read or listen and i'll tell you how to do it they paycheck.

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