Twitter, President Trump, David discussed on Windows Weekly (MP3) - WW 520: Digging Up Jason Voorhees


Well i know that in the last three years they announced there's going to be an hour of reasons you're gonna wanna use this it david painters asking me on twitter right now did i try makes up translate i did not put somebody else who was on the trip with me did use that and we all agreed that google translate was doing better than microsoft was to make looked assad balloon before you you it wasn't as um quick and it also i don't think we had had as many of the features offline that google translated if it doesn't tired of maps will describing grabs yeah we're using google map problem is i don't i didn't even know why herself ever translate i just at gould's resig such a default even on a phone the by other way you have reached the tip of the iceberg of the problem that is microsoft losing mobile that they don't have this and natural audience as there your fit was just get all the new stuff yeah yeah and it's a huge problem yeah it's hard to compete when you don't when you're not the platform was like herself as president whatever the you know the the bundling the natural bundling capabilities that you get when you on the dominant platform and who knows that better than microsoft for years they were the dominant platform and it must they they must with some sadness and regret you like they've lost that.

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