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Known as Dhaka shield about one hundred and thirty thousand so called dreamers in Texas alone San Antonio Catholic archbishop Gustavo Garcia seer has counseled many of them the fact that they are in the middle of the supply because of political power struggle in check and chess the stakes in the case are high it's set to be decided at the height of the twenty twenty presidential election season fully on Castro says America is a different place than it was back in nineteen seventy two and it doesn't make sense for the Democratic Party to use the same schedule of early primary and caucus states that it did back then Castro who is struggling to keep his presidential candidacy above waters as Iowa and New Hampshire are great places but they are far from representative of the changing demographics of the country and especially of the Democratic Party he says by the next presidential election in two thousand twenty four the Democrats would be well served to find new early decision states a seventy two year old bear county jail inmate died in the jail this morning following a medical episode the inmate who had been in the jail awaiting transfer to state prison after being sentenced for indecency with a child was found unresponsive in his cell and was pronounced dead by EMS foul play is not suspected a suspect is in custody following an overnight stabbing police say it started with an argument between two men in a parking lot it's ours a Mara and commerce on the west side one man pulled a knife and stabbed the other band twice in the stomach the victim ran across the street to a pizza place to call for help he's in serious condition police arrested the suspect at the scene there's been a to get more bike lanes in downtown San Antonio city council this week will vote on a plan to add the pass on Avenue B. an Alamo street but that's not good enough for some activists who want them down Broadway there Ron Nierenberg says we need to do more than just build lanes for cars we're saying economically viable becoming a twenty first century a study looking at the feasibility of bike lanes on lower Broadway found that in most cases the street was too narrow that's.

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