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Cincinnati still waiting for the results the five thirty report I'm Brian Tong breaking that will get the results soon in along with the rest of the country and they say they'll be here in New Hampshire give it all candidates a chance to be upbeat as they leave via with this morning the first test of twenty twenty presidential race is over but we still don't know the results from the Iowa caucuses technical issues of held up reporting on the vote total your voice your vote no results yet in Iowa octroi price the state's Democratic Party leader blaming a technical glitch not hackers integrity of our process and the results have and always will be our top priority at this point the IDC is mainly verifying all precinct results we expect to have numbers to report later today despite the confusion over who won each Democrat is claiming victory on to New Hampshire Victoria more in case is going to be close we're going to walk out here with our shared delegates I have a good feeling we're gonna be doing very very well we are plunging above our way the two men this night for the yeah yeah yeah this campaign I'm just going to tell you what I do now you in most have moved on to New Hampshire with continuing coverage the Iowa caucuses Mona Rivera ABC news now the latest traffic weather together from the U. C. help traffic center you see health offering the most technologically advanced treatments for atrial fibrillation learn more you see help dot com slash heart problems on south bend seventy one this morning just as you come out of ten where there's an overturned truck that took down a utility pole this is just after you get past Kenwood road the highway is now shut down if you are currently coming out of blue ash you'll want to take the Montgomery road exit and take Montgomery to Stewart which will bring you back down the hill side to you so you can get back on the highway at the Stuart Graham elsewhere there's a wreck on west bound to seventy five that's in Taylor mill no delay there checking from newsradio.

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