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Residents of London's Neo bankside apartment complex enjoy spectacular views over the city, but as AP correspondent, Karen China's reports some are unhappy at being on display themselves disgruntled neighbors of the Tate modern gallery complaining that a viewing platform at the Tate. Just opposite. Let's hundreds of thousands of tourists a year peer into the hands and I'll taking the gallery to coats. They wants a full the gallery too close of part of the tenth throw terrace, which office three hundred sixty degree use the London a lawyer for the man is told the judge that the platform news by up to one million people a year constitutes a relentless invasion of the resident's privacy. The galleries pool it says the simplicity is for the residents to draw that blinds and as necessary to put up cats in canton, Cantamessa London. The Bank of England says the new fifty pound note in Britain will honor the country's scientific heritage Bank of Mark Carney has kicked off a six week public nomination process, and who should feature on the note and saying the Bill which will be made of polymer. Will celebrate the UK's contribution to science nominees. Could include anyone from physicist Stephen hawking died in March two Dorothy Hodgkin who won the Nobel prize in chemistry in nineteen sixty four a committee will create a shortlist from the recommendations and Kearney will choose from that in twenty nineteen. Nasa suffered too big losses this week. I it was the Kepler space telescope now. The dawn spacecraft has stopped communicating with flight controllers propelled by three ion engines, the eleven year old dawn was the first spacecraft to orbit an object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter after circling the asteroid Vesta, Don went into orbit around the dwarf planet. Sarah's Don kept working longer than expected and mission director and chief engineer Mark Raymond insists he wasn't that. He said Don was a spectacular success by any measure. It carried humankind on a truly amazing deep space adventure with stunning discoveries. That's Don will stay in orbit around Sara's for decades. Presidential style campaigning. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, President Trump and former President Barack Obama agree on one thing as they hit the campaign trail people have to vote in the midterm elections. For one simple reason..

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