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The attorney general Bill bar before the Senate Judiciary committee. CBS news writes, the following quote, a define attorney general defended the way he oversaw the release of special counsel, Robert Muller's report his appearance. Follow the revelation yesterday that Muller had confronted bar about his public characterization of the report. And there is this from. Fox News, quote, attorney general Bill bar firing back Democrats who for weeks have called his integrity into question over his handling of special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia report suggesting during a testy Capitol Hill hearing that they were only using the issue to score political points ahead of the twenty twenty election in advising that the DOJ's rolled in. The controversy is quote now over we will break it all down, but be begin with a portion of the attorney general's opening statement during my confirmation process. There were two concerns that dominated as I think, you will all agree. The first was whether I would in any way, impede or Kerr tale. Special counsels Muller's investigation and the second whether I would make public his final report as you say Bob Muller was allowed to to complete his work as he saw fit. And as for the report, even though the applicability regulations require that the report is to be made to the G, and is to remain confidential and not be made public. I told this committee that I intended to exercise whatever discretion I had to make as much of the report available to the public and to congressional leaders as I could consistent with the law. This has been done. I ride at the department on February fourteenth. And shortly thereafter, I asked it to be communicated to Bob Muller stain that Improperia the report. We requested that they make it. So he could readily identify sixty material. So we could quickly process. The report did you tell the public what sixty six as grand jury material that cannot be made public. It's prohibited by statute, and I wanted that identified so we could redact that material and prepare the report for public releases quickly as we could when I ride at the department I found and was eventually briefed in on the investigation. I found that the deputy attorney general and his principal associate deputy at Cal O'Callaghan. We're in regular discussions with the counsel's office had been and they communicated this request and had discussions about that. Both the timing of the report and the nature of the report on March fifth. I met with Bob at the suggestion of the deputy and the principal associate deputy by Muller met with Bob Muller. To to get a readout on what his conclusions would be. On March twenty fifth. And at that meeting. I asked I reiterate it to to special counsel Mahler that in order to to have the shortest possible time before I was in a position to release the report I asked that they identify sixty material. When I received the report on March twenty second, and we were hoping to to have that easily identified the six eight material. Unfortunately, it did not come in that form and it quickly became apparent that. It would take about three or four weeks. To identify that material and other material that have to be redacted. So there was necessarily going to be a gap between the receipt of the report and getting the full report out publicly the deputy, and I. Identified four categories of information that we believe required redaction, and I think you will all know of them. But they were the grand jury materialistic c material information that the intelligence community advised would reveal sensitive sources and methods information that if revealed at this stage would impinge on the investigation or prosecution of related cases and information that would unfairly affect the privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties. We want about redacting this material in concert with special counsel's office. We needed their assistance to identify the sixty material in particular. The reductions were all carried out by DOJ lawyers with special counsel lawyers in consultation with intelligence community. Today's hearing began shortly after ten AM with a lunch break it concluded just past three PM. The White House confirming the president did watch the testimony and William bar was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary committee tomorrow morning. The committee will still need the attorney general will not appear you can watch the hearing live on C span television. And listen to it here on C span radio. Meanwhile, committee chair Senator Lindsey Graham made sure today's appearance before the Senate Judiciary committee got off to a rather explosive start he spent a large part of his opening remarks discussing text messages between former FBI officials Peter Struck and Lisa page to fierce critics have Donald Trump at one point. He dropped the f bomb while quoting one of their exchanges from October nineteenth two thousand sixteen. Trump is an issue. Idiot using the F word. He then apologized to any children listening. Well, look at the FIS a warrant process did Russia provide Christopher Steele information about Trump that turned out to be garbage. That was used to get a warrant on American system said, and if so how did this system or is there a real effort between Papadopoulos and anybody in Russia to use the Clinton emails stolen, stole by the Russians. Or is that thought planet in his mind? I don't know. But we're gonna look. And I can tell you this. If you change the name Joe wanna look to. Everything I just said just substitute Clinton for Trump. See what all of these people will cameras would be saying out here about this as to cooperation in the Clinton investigation. I told you what the Trump people did Tevi of about what the Clinton people did. There was a protective order. For the server. Issued by the house, and there was a request by the State Department to preserve all the information on the server. Paul Cam better after having the protective order. Used a software program called bleach. Bit to white this Email server clean as anybody ever heard of Paul can better. No. Under a protective order from the house to preserve the information. Other requests from the State Department to preserve the information on the server used a bleach bit program. Don't wipe it clean. What happened to him? Nothing. Eighteen devices possessed by secretary Clinton, she used to do business a secretary how many of them were turned over to the FBI not two of them could be turned over because Judith casper took a hammer and destroyed two of them. What happened Dr? Nothing. So the bottom line is were about here for Mr. bar. The results of a two year investigation into the Trump campaign all things Russia the actions, the president took before and after the campaign twenty five million dollars. Forty FBI agents. Appreciate very much what Mr. Muller did for the country. I have read most of the report. For me. It is over. And yet some Democrats criticizing Senator Lindsey Graham for not reading the entire report just over four hundred pages. Eight is available on our website. It's C-SPAN dot or you can type in on the search engine. The Muller report and read all four hundred plus pages, except of course, the redacted versions are the redacted portions of that report. Now, the attorney general noted in his testimony that Robert Muller concluded his investigation without any interference that neither the attorney general nor any other Justice department official overruled the special counsel on any action. He wanted to take the attorney general also defended his decision to step in and clear, the president of obstruction of Justice after Muller presented evidence on both sides. But did not reach conclusion, California Senator Dianne Feinstein is the committee's ranking democrat you still have a situation where a president essentially tries to change. The lawyers account in order to prevent further criticism of himself. Well, that's not a crime..

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