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Pack in. So let's notes hot notes all right so first. Nancy wrote one of her patented bad ass letters to her colleagues this time about Kobe and trump mandy. You have those bullet points for us. Can you go through those? Yeah I can. It's it was a brutal letter blistering so anyway These six bullet points laid out in a letter which was titled Dear Colleague. We must insist and act on the truth in the current bios crisis and she says in order to move forward we must first understand the truth of what has put us in this position. The truth is that Donald trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic resulting in unnecessary deaths. An economic disaster. The truth is is that in January. Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic ignored. Those warnings took insufficient action and caused unnecessary death and disaster. The truth is that Donald Trump told his most loyal followers that the pandemic was a hoax a matter magically disappear thus endangering lives and paving the way for economic disaster. The truth is that we did not have proper available in March despite trump repeatedly claiming that we did and even now we do not have adequate tests masks. Pp and necessary equipment which creates more deaths unnecessary death and suffering? And the two more here. The truth is because of an incompetent reaction to this health crisis. The strong economy handed to donald trump is now a disaster causing suffering of countless Americans and endangering lives and the last one here is. The truth is a weak person. A poor leader takes no responsibility. A week blames others philosophy and there was wo- really drove. The knife in the last one was just unnecessary. I think shit read the last sentence again. The truth is a weak person. A poor leader takes no responsibility. A weak person blames others and then The last line after that is the truth is from this moment on Americans must ignore lies and start to listen to scientists and other respected professionals in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones and the goes on to basically say that the truth is is that American people want us to work together. Impasse bipartisan bills to address this. How she's Got Zero Fox left man zero fun I know. They haven't spoken in like six months. Or whatever because he 'cause she impeached him and he's all pouty about it. Wow that's that's a hell of a letter. Yeah really is. She's yeah she's going for the jugular with that. You agreed all right. So here's what I have For the rest of this block. First of all New York City added more than thirty seven hundred additional people who were presumed to have died of Kovic nineteen to their roles but never tested positive. The new figures released by the city's health department drove the number of deaths in New York City to over ten thousand and and increase the number of deaths in the US by seventeen percent. And now we're over. Twenty seven thousand. The new figures Until now only deaths where a person had tested positive were officially counted and today You Know California Washington Louisiana in Chicago. are also still only reporting deaths of those with a positive test so you while they're alive And today Cuomo issued an executive order that everyone in New York City. New York has to work cloth masks to go outside so he ordered an executive order to stay rate whenever you leave the house. When didn't do that a couple a couple of days ago right last week? Yeah I'd have to double check on that but it wh- I'm already doing it. I don't know if the orders place I know. There was a bit of a grace period if he did. I have to check but I don't know if we are now required to wear masks to go outdoors like required required. Cuomo said on his executive order that you've got a grace period and you. He hasn't decided if he's going to find our site. People give people citations for not but he said it's going to be a possibility. He didn't initially do that for people in parks and then started doing it. Because you know a couple people ruined it for everybody so I imagine if we continue to see a bunch of people out in in in these areas without wearing a cloth mask that people will start issuing citations. Yeah I I mean. I know that they are starting to issue citations now. An issue fines around San Diego County. Not For non mask-wearing but for being areas. You're not supposed to be and so I'm wondering if we'RE GONNA if we'll start seeing fines handed out on Massachu- people not following Mask guidelines. I certainly see a lot of folks. Not Wearing them here I live in a pretty busy street and there are tons of people who aren't them. I was walking the dog today. I had my mask on and here comes another guy walking down the street and he's got a mask it's just untied in hanging around his neck like he's going to have some barbecue ribs like it's a Bib. I'm like why isn't your mask up. Buddy maybe if I just started walking towards them real fast he'd put it on real quick. Oh here's a comes. When I first started wearing the mask I felt like it was a good like it was a good deterrent for folks. Staying away from me like I started wearing a mask before they ordered it to warn and at first people were like. Oh she's sick. I'm going to stay away from her. But then once the order was issue people stopped carrying and stopped giving me more leeway. I found interesting. Yeah like before. It was ordered on maths for everyone to have to do so. People thought I was like taking it really seriously because it must be sick or something but I was just trying to be responsible and now it's like I got my neighborhood and some people are wearing them other people aren't but people don't aren't giving a shit not staying six feet away from each other and not wearing masks. I'm like take the seriously people. Yeah I've kind of noticed that too. I think there's just different levels of people taking it at different levels of serious and You know thanks to us for taking it seriously. Yes yes and staying home from NBC. Indiana Congressman Trey Worth said of reopening the economy and risking American lives quote. It is policymakers decision to put on our big boy and big girl pants and say it is the lesser of two evils. He actually said that. Well of course medical experts including faucher saying ending the social distancing guidelines too soon would lead to a second wave and put us back at square one making everything we've done a total waste of fucking time and South Dakota's fucked thanks to their Republican governor Christie No One of five Republican governors who still refused to issue. Stay at home orders. Thanks to her dumb ass. South Dakota now is one of the largest corona viral outbreaks corona virus outbreaks in the US with three hundred plus cases at smithfield foods. The world's biggest pork processor. So good job fucking lady and business leaders are telling trump. He has to get more testing in place before he reopens the economy. These are business leaders. If trump doesn't listen to the doctors and scientists. I am hoping he listens to the members of his business council his own group rich white dudes has told him that the federal government not states needs to dramatically ramp up testing. This happened conference call with about three dozen bankers Financiers Food and beverage. Ceo's hospitality CEO's retail industry executives know mentioned to the my pillow guy having participated but but all his council of three dozen rich white dudes is saying. You gotta get more testing before you reopen the economy and these are people who are losing shitload of money on this and the CEO's are telling trump to ramp up testing as they're doing this politico is telling us. The number of tests analyzed each day by commercial labs in the US plummeted by more than thirty percent over the past week. One of the reasons could be the narrow testing criteria that the CDC under trump has put in place which I would bet my stimulus check is trump's way of keeping his numbers looking tremendous As it becomes blatantly obvious that his criminal negligence in a delayed and botched response is caused thousands of deaths. That's just my opinion and in related. Ceo Retail News Retail Spending. Dropped off a cliff following a record eight point seven percent last month. That is a singer. Single biggest drop by a mile in history since we've recorded it And that could be the reason for the nearly five hundred point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average today though. I'm not sure how they didn't see that coming did. And who the fuck of Mike and Kroger. This is kind of a good story. Kroger alongside the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union won a huge retail or food workers union are urging national on state officials to designate grocery employees as extended first responders or emergency personnel and. The goal of doing that is for grocery workers to get a higher priority for Kovic nineteen testing because thirty have died that we know about and accessed in in the union and also access to safety gear like mask and gloves and other protections that they don't have access to because they aren't considered first responders or extended first responders. So that's good news to me. Yeah that is good news. There are a lot of companies stepping up. There are a lot of companies not stepping up to the ones who are. Yeah I like that. This is a union but it's also kroger's with his teaming up with the Union to make this happen so go kroger. I hope you're also paying paying them hazard. Pay or working on getting them hazard pay. I I've been seeing a lot of things Floating on social media to the effect of like when I'm job hunting in the future. I'M GONNA ask them how they handled the pandemic and I'm going to ask them what protections they about to their workers and what they're paid sick leave was like this really like defining moment. I think you if if we can afford to ask those questions. We all might be so desperate for jobs. You know this is the I've I've been. I've been terrified that this is going to be like a way to lower. Minimum wages is going to be a way to force us to beg for Jobs Shit jobs for ship pay after this. I hope that that's not what happens but again. That's just an opinion. I have got no evidence of that but that is certainly one outcome. Could be yeah. I'm just really mad at rich people right now. So Yep all right. We'll be right back with more news including unethical. Richard Burr problems with. Va trump pushing his miracle. Reelection drug on veterans and servicemembers delays in the stimulus payments and another clear violation of the impoundment control access. Stick.

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