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Favorite essential oils of all time, how it relates to the pineal gland. And so many other wonderful things that essential oils can provide to us. Our guest today, doctor Debbie koharski, has been using essential oils for many, many years and has been healing patients on so many different levels in her chiropractic practice. If you need a boost in a reminder today that your body is meant to be healthy, then this is the episode for you. You'll hear that interview in a moment, but first allow me to share my favorite oil of the past week. This week, as the weather transitioned to colder and colder, I've been having a hard time getting warm to the core. You know that feeling where you just can't seem to warm up no matter how many sweaters you put on. So I broke out my nutmeg essential oil mixed it with some coconut oil and then warmed it up between my hands and then I rubbed it on my lower back kind of the middle to low back range that is where your kidneys and some adrenal glands live, so getting that nutmeg over the adrenal glands over the kidneys is such a nourishing thing that you can do to get your body warmed up and prepared for winter. Other things you might not know about nutmeg essential oil is that it is wonderful for mental stress. If you've been battling the blues, get some nutmeg going in your diffuser. It can also be surprisingly useful for some women with strong menstrual cramps. I'd recommend rubbing it on the lower abdomen and then layering it on top with a warm heat pack. It's also great for mouth odor. So if you ever feel like a peppermint bomb dropped into your mouth, it's just too overwhelming. Try mixing some nutmeg with some coconut oil, swishing it around.

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