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On new was happening to me and do nothing about it i haven't send i want kids to know they have one truth ruin goodness i feel bad for this little girl and her mom and these moms but i'm wondering are you not using the child to take an appoint across nine that's not where i was going but you could have a point there in saying mom is using her but i'm just wondering if a lot of these people know what real bullying is are a lot of these people just overreacting to things that are a little bit confrontational or disagreeable or uncomfortable and not real true bullying because i am skeptical that a principal and all these teachers and counselors would just totally ignore someone coming to them and pleading for help while we definitely have become a society where we take every we take offense to most things so i mean it could be is it someone had different than you and they called you out on something and therefore you think it's bullying as opposed to when we used to think bullying was the physical or verbal beatdown of an individual i i don't know i don't know the answer to that mark here's the mother of the eight year old girl mom also talked to the midland school board last night i felt like the more we come and make our presidents i think are paid hopefully we'll we'll get the point across piecing change i guess my skepticism is based on a lot of the news reports i read where school superintendents and principals and other education leaders are talking a lot about preventing bullying and they have these seminars and programs in the schools and what a key priority it is for these people but here you have people in midland mom's kids who say it's just a lot of hot air it's a lot of talk when it comes time to somebody coming forward and complaining about bullying they don't want to address it in this school district thing that kind of caught my attention was that they sat in two thousand eleven four students they're committed suicide yeah i saw that too i mean so i mean that's enough to kind of raise your eyebrows to go okay we of course we don't know that doesn't go into the circumstances as to what made these children take their lives but it definitely raises your eyebrows to.

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