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I do think Ryan ten days. Miami are numbered looking long-term here is that this next quarterback draft classes, not going to be that great in this free agent quarterback class is not going to be that great. So for just gonna have to see if something kind of weird happens. So just doesn't know if this is going to be a quote unquote buyer's market to to get a quarterback next year. So it may. May actually be in the dolphins. Best interest to have Ryan's and a hill on the roster next year without having to just get rid of him for the sake of getting rid of him, and sacrificing that salary cap implications there, but one guy that we thought was going to be a huge part of this offense and has been a mild part of this offenses can Drake. And I just can't imagine what is going on in this young guys head who had such a great end to the two thousand seventeen year with perhaps even more precarious situation than what he's facing right now. But sharing the load with Frank gore and really seeing some even split results in even when you're kinda rewinding through the season Kenyan Drake game two against the jets had more touches and was more productive than Frank gore. So it was really that Cincinnati game. I remember MC money, and I were talking really quick what's going on Kenyan Drake. Why is he not getting the touches? We were speculating that. Maybe he got in trouble with the team or something or that. He was missing blatant assignments were being really disruptive in some way. Because it just didn't add up that the reps that he was getting. And the talent that you saw the production that you saw the two thousand seventeen. So I really think we're just in a offense of identity crisis right now, we don't know exactly what we wanna look like running the ball. I don't think we know exactly what we wanna look like passing the ball. And that makes it really challenging when you don't have a kind of go to part of your playbook. People have talked about. The fact of Frank gore has gone the majority of snaps over Kenyan Drake in terms of running the ball and on gays simply explained it of you weeks ago, saying the Frank gore knows how to fall forwarding at the yards that they need to continue the offense to move. But has it really worked Cincinnati game? Because that's when it first started. If you recall prior to that game, the dolphins were struggling in Adam bay city at some ideas to get gore. Andrew both involved in the game. And then we came to Cincinnati and we saw. Frank gorgan. The majority of the bulk of the rushing and then Drake coming out of the backfield. With catches it continued then moving forward pass that game to the lines game. Also to the Texans game. And the offense has not moved much since the first three games. So I'm not sure that Adam gazes philosophy is working. We kind of talked about this last week in terms of trying to mimic the saints offense with Kamara and Ingram. The one two punch there, and you see what the saints is Qamar is a lead back in Ingram's secondary back in Miami's reverse Gore's. The lead back Drake is the second back. But ever seems like whenever Drake touches the field and gets the ball on his hands. Big things happen more times than not. So we'll see what happens there another time where it happens more often than not at least for the Houston. Texans. Game was devante Parker. And I know you guys did film review on this. And the all devante Parker is roots and catches and everything else that happened during Texans games. So I'm have you both talk on this bit with the vaunted park was not moved during the trade deadline supposedly there were several teams interested in him. But interested means a simple phone, call would do and then. It gets twisted to Trump the value of whatnot..

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