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What's happening the jet is i don't know how to yeah and i don't know i am fucking crazy busy weekend doing stuff stuff is that of course that i should honour the the are are out of him we're not even gonna get into you are i am uh blood yeah no it like i've played a bunch of video games as well not hoop a few vintage stores to try and get that a guy with no i just order the should off the internet okay i really i really wanted to bring us the being as many peoples of the show in an audio format the bit dove majority invite not play jessica garfield sure what is this say this a ha this is what awesome looks like you know have it's funny since since we if you're not familiar we've done a plea through of one of the greatest video games of all time on on our website car fuelled lasagna wiltord yet definitely one of the newest playstation two games one of the cheapest plays the twogame with your money can buy amongst ever since we finish that series a orange and white cat has appeared on my back balcony in stairs intimate we now as we yeah it's coming to kill right i am you've seen what you what can't be unseen and now it has to make sure that you don't tell anyone else had like a so i asked my partner they had seen the cat around the property before in just like no i've seen a black cat around and i've seen that cut to so there's a new cat that showed up just a heartening prominent something schroeder take it in that that's probably where i was leaving it out like lasagna to get it just see what happen just put lasagna in your back and see what happens secret.

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