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Derwin back on the right path on terms of winning a twitch quiz. So what what a jampacked exit interview here today. So next up I'm going to very quickly switch gears into talking with Todd her Zog here this afternoon. And so we'll have that podcast up you guys on Thursday night. Then I will talk to on Saturday Ruskin is going to be here in the studio. So make sure you get your feedback questions in four Rourke should be another fun one. You can do rob as website accomplish voicemail. Three two three two eight to our age AP. You can Email us up with a tweet ups. We'll get lots of feedback questions for Rourke. And then over the weekend. We will also have for you. The latest episode of Robin. Akiva need a podcast, which if you have not been keeping up with that. I can tell you that this is the first time we were going. To get into some survivor. Content on Robin Akiba need to podcast the podcast where I with my co host keep it when we have a wheel of show ideas, we spin the wheel every single week and come up with a new idea for what the show is going to be. And we have a survivor based episode coming up few guys that will probably be up on Saturday. And then have a bonus podcast as well. Coming up over the weekend before we get back into the wiggle room on Monday. So another jam packed week. We're in the homestretch were inside of, you know, twenty days to these survivor finales, and we are not going to let up at all down the stretch. So, of course, thank you guys. So much of big thanks to our patrons. Making all of this possible. Rod has a website dot com slash patron of or more information on how to get involved on everything we're doing with the Rob's podcast patriot community care had been one..

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