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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, good morning. The falling snow is gone. But the Arctic air it's here to stick around for a while we're below zero and most neighborhoods this morning only the second time this season. That's happened. We'll get up to about twenty two or so this afternoon tonight to for the overnight low tomorrow thirty eight in the afternoon under mostly sunny skies, Saturday, sunny with a high of forty four a few clouds on Sunday and much colder. Highs back down near freezing from CBS forum Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM eight Wapping degrees in Denver. Wow. We've quadrupled ios like feels like Tampa. I don't know. It doesn't say that what my phone Dylan six degrees. Vail ten. So there you go Reykjavik actually, I do have that an Reykjavik thirty one degrees. The morning drive was not fun earlier today following yesterday's winter storm. See that's Wilson says things might not be a whole lot better tonight because of the frigid cold temps at this time of year. Even given a nice day once the sun goes down it's going to start icing up again this evening. So people need to be prepared for a little bit longer commute. And you know, icy roads, and he says cdot still has their full complement of plows out. But there is just not as affective as in these colder temps. He does say there haven't been as many accidents today, maybe because of somebody's school closures and business delays. That's keeping people home. Well, let's get details. Now on what he's seeing on the roads is he joins us. Live Connor shreve is here where you now Connor. Right at twenty five and highway seven and side streets are a mixed bag out here April. There's lots of packed snow seeing that condition more than any other where there's just a layer of super compacted slick snowy conditions that are going to take some time to improve. Obviously I'm seeing that on highway seven on Sheridan into Westminster. Also, just drove past an abandoned spun out SUV on the side of the road. So I don't wanna get ahead of myself. But definitely seeing some things improve icy conditions are just turning to wet conditions in some spots. Seeing that on two eighty seven twenty eight in boulder in good condition as well. And to to your point manageable volume right now making things pretty bearable on the east side of Boulder County. Reporting live, Connor shreve. KOA NewsRadio bigger story today. Of course might be that chill in the air. The national weather service forecaster Chad Gimmestad says the storm system left behind some dangerous conditions even after the sun came up just cold today. We're starting out around zero. And we're going to get up to mid to upper teens this afternoon and right now, we're in the single digits. Those temperatures again anticipated to drop tonight to the zero Mark before a warm up again for tomorrow democrat Andrew Romanoff is hoping to heat up the race for Senate in twenty.

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