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Ladies and gentlemen, today's opponents on men versus train at the Crossing. We have Rick £175 frustrated man who's running late for work and on the tracks. We have pulled a million pound freight train that takes a mile to stop. Let's see who comes out on top. You can't be the train, so don't try to stop trains can't paid for by. Settling whether from KFC. Mostly sunny for your Sunday highs in the upper seventies for the beaches over eighties for Metro L and Inland OC Mitchell, Upper nineties in the valleys and the I. E temperatures starting to cool down by Tuesday with highs inland and the low to mid eighties by Wednesday, right now, 83 degrees in Braila 73 in Newport Beach, 81. West Hollywood 91 In Riverside. We leave locals live from the Kft 24 hour newsroom. I'm Leila Mohammed. Hey, How are you today? Good to see you. Leo Laporte here. The tech guy? Yes, it's that time again. Time to talk Computers and the Internet home Theater in digital photography and smartphones and smartwatches and all that jazz. My phone number. If you want to ask a question and make a comment, make a suggestion. 88 88 ask Leo 8888275536 toll free from anywhere in the U. S or Canada outside that area. You can still reach me, but you have to Probably escape something like that to call anything that call a phone number, uh, should be free. 88 88 ask Leo website.

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