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A first grade right away but he is a really pretty prospect yet no limitations physically no doubt yeah one more quarterback that that i'm a really big fan of as i would say my sleeper of the class is eastern stick at north dakota state we've talked about him before not only does he have a great last name we need to do to make it eastern stick to football but i really liked the way he plays he's tough he's been playing since he was a freshman because carson wentz got hurt so he would be my sleeper and then my my overrated team quarterback would be drew lock at missouri i don't think any of us are fan of drew lock i keep now aiding and just watching him play and looking for something that he does well he looks very good throwing the football but he reminds me of brady quinn like you just expect him to be this great quarterback because he looks the part and he says all the right things but he just he's not getting the job done he's inconsistent with this throws they're either too high too low he hasn't done anything that impresses me yeah i'm with you there i just i was so much hype and they were talking about hey you might declare this year where we're really fall and then you go watch them after he doesn't declared you know obviously to do this show and a guy we're going to be talking about a lot and i just think the accuracy issues are are very evident i think at times when he just doesn't get set i think the turnovers are a bit of a problem so once again physically in the look of him you like those things about your lock put i just don't see myself being sold on him as a high ends first round kind of quarterback in this group although we're seeing him being billed as that now for a while here's the deal because i know people are going to come at me and say well it's the difference between drew lock and josh allen i think mellow put it best you said like well one thirty pounds a lot of athleticism and even if you wanna go box score scout and okay they're both sub sixty percent passers i think they're actually both right around fifty six if josh allen had had jim on more and that moves you team that is a completely different ballgame completely deaf so alan is way more impressive athletes way me i thought josh was comparable to like a cam newton type guy no he's a little bit slower but just his movement and strength and size and our buddy chris simms always says sizes a trait when you're a quarterback josh allen had that i don't know the drew lock does have all the he doesn't have that type of arm and he's definitely not that kind of athlete so i i wanted to just address that in june because i know i'm going to hear all full here like all these mizzou fans around here too it's not a bias because i actually kinda like mizzou and what they do he just he hasn't done anything he's in a weird offense the spread offense where you probably only read one side of the field or you throw it to your target i hate how flatfooted he is in this offense i know it's something that the coaching staff probably teaches him but that guy's just standing there still it's not working for him yeah and just to piggyback off that we are thrown in some superlatives here i had shape patterson as my all over aided guy i think michigan fans out from a college standpoint should be very excited about his potential about the transfer and about his ability to play right away but in terms of a guy that was billed as a high end recruit i just didn't see the decision making that i was hoping for when watching his film i i don't have shape patterson that nick fitzgerald jarret stidham justin herber kinda group he's sitting more in the drew lock.

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