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Dot e. D u Certified to operate in Virginia by chef 7 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS here. Steve Dresser in the W T o P Traffic Center in Virginia. Traffic still remain slow on the South bound side of 95 begin to slow down and lording over the yard to Kwan. We cleared up crash activity of the print swinging Park Lane. The leftover delays still remain on better. Dr Winters south of Potomac Mills, north founders. No problems, leaving Fredericksburg up through the AKA quanto, these Springfield interchange traffic moving well in both directions on the capital Beltway in Virginia. No issues on 3 95 or on I 66 In the district. Looks like we're dealing my grandson activity on the north bound side of eyes to 95. Just before you get to the 11th Street bridge could be contained to the left side of the roadway. Do use a bit of caution. Otherwise, no problems to report to D. C to 95 traffic, moving nicely along the Southeast Southwest Freeway over in Maryland. Quiet on the Beltway 95 in the BW Parkway, Traveling incident free. Between the two beltways and minor volume delays. South Banai to 70 after Montrose, tapping the brakes a bit down to the lane divide, with no incidents to report and a quiet ride in both directions on Route 50 at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Currently we're finding two lanes singing he's found three west them. No issues along Route three. A one or a tea. Nice back Middleton Bridge. For all of your residential and commercial heating needs. Choose the five star heating experts Sacrum Medcalf, Call 1 800 Go crop or visit crumb metcalf dot com. Steve Dresner w T o P traffic Now to start Team four in Samara, Theodore as we head through the overnight hours. We're seeing the last of that precept that those rain showers and bits of a snow move out. And we're going to quiet.

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