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Groups have been removed. Donna Wilson Bloomberg radio. Your shot at one thousand dollars now. Text nationwide, keyword, call two hundred hundred you'll get a confirmation, text and data and message rates apply in this nationwide. Contest tall, two hundred Rhode Island's news, traffic and weather station. Newsradio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Toby waits JJ providence, and I heart radio station, Jim gag, Lordy. Newsradio nine twenty one zero four seven FM here. The top local stories we're following thirty five year old nurse at the veterans affairs medical center in providence, sentenced to twenty four months in federal prison. Jared Scott of West Warwick pleaded guilty in December US attorney's office says he admitted to stealing liquid opioids that were prescribed for patients for his own use. And replace the drugs with saline drivers warned plan extra travel time to Elaine shift. I ninety five north starting Monday near Thurbers Avenue in providence. Shift needed for construction work on the Oxford Street bridge State Department of transportation, also suggesting the use of. Alternate routes, especially during the morning and after noon, rush hours Bill, the general assembly would more than double the cost for new reflective license plates in Rhode Island DMV fee for issuing or reissuing plate would increase from six dollars to fifteen dollars house committee hearing scheduled for last night. But no vote was expected. A Senate committee hearing on the proposal has not yet been scheduled sports Celtics play the Pacers tonight and the Red Sox play Arizona tonight. Get news twenty four seven on demand at News Radio RI dot com..

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