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Make it happen using a to do list a thirty day to do list. That was my first book it did. In fact, end up becoming a New York Times bestseller, which is amazing. Unbelievable. So cool, but that wasn't two thousand eleven and it wasn't the funnest thing. I ever did. I have to tell you. You've heard me say this on the show before. Slow writer. I would much rather talk to you. When it comes to writing, I reread and rewrite and I just that's one area. I'd say I tend to be a perfectionist, and I'm not a perfectionist in any other area. And I don't even know if I could say a perfection because now you're gonna expect me to be a really good writer. I'm not I just I think about it. And it wasn't fun. It was challenging and it was difficult, and I had to be super focused and I had to finish it. And he did and that felt really really good. But I also vowed that it would be a long time before I wrote another book, and then along came my own health scare where I had an issue with my brain, my health started to decline I was struggling with my hormones, and brain fog and leaky gut and that of course, led me to do the research. I started on that eventually resulted in the one through one. Method which you know, as you know, because you've been a part of this journey unless you're new listener, which allow nice to meet you. But that journey was over two years of just interviewing people lot of whom you heard here on the show visiting universities reading research reading every book that I could learning how to read research learning how to find research learning how to pick research apart. Learn how to pick experts apart like learning what I was doing. I wasn't trying to create a program or a methodology or solution. I was trying to solve my own problem. Business was going great. We had launched the marketing impact, academy and smart success. So I wasn't looking to go in a new direction infomercials were crushing it. And that was you know, I hate to say this because I don't want to sound the wrong way. But it was easy work. Right. Like when you film an infomercial. You film for couple of weeks. And then you're done, you know, so life was good live was really good. I wasn't looking to do something. A new, but I was having this health problem. So I started to solve that for myself. And in the process, I was like, okay. So if I'm solving this for myself, I need to share this with other people like out of obligation because a lot of what I had been sharing about health and fitness and specifically nutrition. I now realized was B S it wasn't based on sound science. And then I started to feel like a real. And you know, me I'm a sharer like if I learned something I can't help. But talk to you about it. And the guy who's begging my groceries and the woman who did not ask for my opinion. I can't help. But share it like if I find something that's life changing. I will force it on you. 'cause I think it's gonna make your life easier. And I'm a know it all and I like helping people so as I started realize all of these things for myself. I started sharing them with you. And then I realized gosh, you're so many people struggling with the same thing. And I wanted to share it with them in a bigger broader way, but my own solution was very individ-. July's it was very customized. So it was like how do I teach people how to customize your own approach when we started testing it. With a beta testers twenty-five thousand people went through that process. And so that I could kind of distill down a simplified way to walk people through twelve weeks. Okay. So then I create this twelve week online virtual experience where each week people as as if I'm going through this customized journey with you. So you know, what you're doing week one on week one? This is now called by the way, the one three one method, and you can learn more about it but going to one through and method dot com, but the way this program developed ultimately after we tested it and tested it and tested. It..

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