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Chief national correspondent author of forty two faith Ed or you with us Ryan sorry you still want to stay Yeah you're, actually like. You. Better, she's not listening he's on, no well he actually might. Because, he he likes to know Well guess, what is your birthday Today it is right birthday I, feel especially compared to you guys but I enjoy hosted with you and. With, Brian Kitts it's my birthday I can't I can't. Disagree with you there but I'm so, glad that you decided to wake up and spend the morning with us Yeah this is great apparently it's going to go on and on You've had called you've had quite a busy week I mean you were in Helsinki just a few days. Ago to think that it's Friday now and that was on Monday it is just the way things go in. The cycle where indoor woke up at the Helsinki or Tuesday morning it, somehow made it to. The major league baseball, all-star game in Washington DC, on Tuesday night the very same day. Obviously go back in time but the time zones and all that but I was determined to get my son. Patrick to, the all star game because we both big baseball fans you know. We've never been to the all star game was DC this year I, had, tickets and we've made it and we had? A great time. Instagram and I thought is this a fake pictures, he actually there he was literally in Helsinki like twelve hours ago you unbelievable or commentary on our lives and like this idea that you could, wake up on Tuesday morning. And, not even another. City in America but looking in a country Baseball game, so true and now we're waking up..

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