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We sat down and he turned on pornography. Like you turn on a point. And i was like what like i was not ready. This what are you and it was like. I don't retain any of that knowledge memory because it was so abrasive and abrupt And i look at the serpent as someone who is trying to accelerate the knowledge and accelerate that understanding of world. Not like god. God you forgot to keep satan out. You forgot to tell him not to talk to do we. I said i didn't want to is eight. And i feel like you're tricking me out. I know but i feel like that the serpent because my perspective right. I'm coming from the perspective of i think this really options and so i respected that the serpent was good and got allowed. It comes donkey kind of situation. It is being controlled by to a higher power. Sure good higher power because satan is a higher power yeah right. He has powers Which is why we shouldn't be talking about him and search. But i think that this is like this is a good thing. This could have been a serpent. Yes could have been anything. This could have been. The koala was more crafty alachua new to slow man. You gotta watch out the all sexy though. They are pretty crafty. Can i ask you questions at just purely a one. Understand how you compile So in this world view obviously you strive to satan was a was a fallen angel right like at some point between god creating stuff was he like an insane fell in the middle of that and he turned in like he became a serpent in the garden. Like what's the title waste. Oh i do think it happened in creation satan existed before creation. Yeah which is why. God the the sabbath again. A lot of stuff was happening. What's going on so in my mind. It is exists before creation but satan has fallen okay and but with god's knowledge of asher knowing that that was going to happen because he could.

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