George Michael, ABC, George Michael Village discussed on Nightline - Full Episode: Friday, October 20, 2017


He was one of the most famous pop artist of all time and yet the public barely knew him for international celebrity george michael was intensely private but tonight we're getting new insights into the man behind the music here's abc's tj home one of the most iconic psalms while denying these you're striving to make something every time in studio this is director simonis it was actually the music video for freedom ninety that marked a career high like george michael village pitched it to me in la and the nightclub codes milk space and is that sleds well you're the leader of the game in this you see here the story of how five supermodels came to lip sync the hit told in the new showtime documentary george michael freedom now i hear actually singing dancing along to add when i had just learned it let's let's just and that's why handed out chock full of interviews with celebrities who new and loved him god's gift to the world the film covers his life and career may before his untimely death from natural causes last christmas at age fifty three i'm aware of the need for persona and my actual persona i'm not prepared to give the notoriously private store codirected with his lifelong friend and songwriter david almost two would have been here promoting this movie no no but he made the filled me edited the film and he right to the film and that's about as far as you go i mean he was one person the he just he just you know he just didn't.

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