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Then But then once we got into our normal game day schedule. It's going to be tough for them to get here until afternoon. It's next to matt derek. Good man hey mark. Thanks for your time. You talked a little bit about the future. But you don't specifically how do you hope. And envision this going forward is is arrowhead has voting place you think possible likely for all elections or just certain elections And you know it could expand further. I mean would you like to see all jackson. County residents being able to go to narrow head. Yeah we'll work with the election board On exactly how we can expand and what makes the most sense in terms of how many elections we actually were having that conversation earlier today. in between Voting activities. And if like. I said if if you actually come here and see what we're doing and how we're doing it. There's a lot of interest in utilizing this a lot more We'll come down the schedules. They look down to You know make sure that we have availability here on those days I think as you know. We've we've shut the offices today so all that conversation i was having with myself about Being game day mode actually not engage them today because we gave the get a day off. the The reality is we. We've already had discussions. We'll continue discussions about using it again. The commitment that we made the purchase machines is something we want to utilize so As much as these machines can be utilized. We want to do that. It's like we got former hands up. We'll go right down the line. Starting with darren go at their mark. I'm gonna take of journalists privilege on this. I want to thank you first of all for what you all did. No back in august when we spoke to press you on it and you didn't wanna reveal the plans about using era at the time but i. I'm thankful that you did and glad that you did But i have two questions. I'm asking i one i but the last time we spoke i asked you about the fact that hi v. didn't have stores in the third and fifth district. I would like to know where you are at with those conversations harvey regarding the food desert noon comes conversation. What does the organization willing to do to see any partnership where this heavy price chopper. Other businesses reflect. Not only the bottom line that she's but the fans and community calls home or should it be an organized boycott of hy-vee until they do and then i have another question for you or and you're in a lot of different directions there so let me first say. Thank you for Asking the question originally and getting that out there As i said at that time we felt competent tonight. We're going to have arizona's those location but given all the obstacles that we knew of and then if you add all the other obstacles they said we encountered as we go. I'm just really really happy. They were here today. in terms of the food desert and the challenges that Really are east of truth and and locations that we've done a lot of research on One of our focuses has an organization. Those three pillars is those local minority businesses so specifically to grocery and food desert We are in discussions right now. Two different organizations that we're gonna make some donations to talk our players about matching donations and doing things with their social platforms. Create awareness of some of these minority owned businesses and in some are food. Restaurant related That are in that corridor that you know have the challenges of competing in a business to begin with and then the challenge of kobe and what that does to so many businesses. So that's a real focus of those three pillars that i talked about And specifically the. Hi i'm just gonna reiterate what i said. The last time we had this discussion. Which is i know. Heavy and others have had a lot of discussions about making efforts in in the food. Desert in that corridor I was conversation earlier last week. Actually with john blue furred who a as a ton of work or truman former ceo. There was done a ton of work in that community. And i know there are a lot of conversations going on i am not privy to the decisions or plans hy-vee others having but I know in something as we are made aware of them. Were kinda find ways to support and and then last week. I asked patrick. What's next following the election to what you said and i quote we actually be. We are actually going to be able to have to me with mark donovan here either this week or next week to continue to strive to get more black owned businesses the support they need. I think what does meeting that we're going to have mark. He's already had a lot of great ideas that he's learned from people in the community. That are out there. I had to making change happen now. You mentioned earlier about support minority on business. Sometimes the political ear. My means you know white women because that's considered a minority. So what does this support. Look like have you made a. Will you be making spending commitment or policy to less in locally. Black owned businesses to make sure that patrick's words have meaning and action behind them. Yeah i think you make a very good point. And that's something we've learned as we've gone through this process that There are a lot of different organizations trying to support minority businesses. And then you get into civics and how you define minority and then what business are are getting funded actually been educated in terms of their certain businesses in the minority Businessworld that have the ability to get banked by normal banks. There are a lot of businesses. They don't and we're trying to thread that needle. We're trying to make sure that we're doing things to support across a pretty broad base of the have been made well aware of some of the Issues that have been raised in the community in the urban community about support organizations and where they're putting their money and we've been educated by the experts that people in the community so what patrick was The conversations that myself and sharp and others have had With leaders in this in this community who are in the space so We take it very seriously. We take responsibility to try to do it. The right way We are close to Finalizing two different donations to two different organizations that are in the community and those specifically we had that conversation talked about signed ways that we can even target. Our donations are support to true Local minority black owned businesses And that came up with our players. And that's something that they brought to us and said that's an important distinction and that's a little continue to focus to do three more. We'll go todd steven than sam. The closedown mark. You've been in this league for a long time. And i know there's been a few years ago. I guess i don't want where's your mouth about being proud or anything but how much i guess enthusiasm you see on the organization side across league not just in kansas city on actually working with players and coming together and doing some of these these things instead of being kind of adversarial like it seemed like it was a few years ago..

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