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Is the investigation of the allegation by say a representative adam schiff that the trump campaign colluded with the kremlin and bad actors to despoil the two thousand sixteen election and under not undermine democracy that looks to have been a false allegation and the house intelligence committee is now reporting that they found no evidence of such to the allegation and will end their investigation i believe the senate might continue for a while mr mueller of course his special counsel is investigating that allegation and we have no reason to expect that that'll ends soon however there is this other matter of the abuse of the faisal war on october twenty first two thousand sixteen where the allegation in a series of memos a memo from representative newness of the house intelligence a letter from senator grassley of the senate judiciary committee and then a countervailing memo from adam schiff of house intelligence deal with the allegation that the fbi abused the pfizer court and abuse the feis a warrant on carter page by using the unverified and salacious steele dossier most recently to members of the house of representatives mr good latte who heads the house judiciary committee and mr gowdy who heads the house oversight committee have both spoken out in the media to say that it is time for a second special counsel to look into the gate andy a very good evening to you you write of these particular matters and you come to your conclusion right away so i won't draw this out you say no special counsel in order to investigate feisty gate all right then what is to be done a very good evening to you andy good evening john well i think what's to be done is an investigation by a federal prosecutor who is affiliated with the justice department and i would add for limited to that that i think congressman couty and goodlatte are close to one hundred percent right this absolutely must be investigated where i poured company with them is the idea of having yet another special counsel i think the special counsel is a perverse constitutionally dubious institution that.

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