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Welcome to for the love podcast with best selling author jen hat maker come on in and join us for a chat with jenin france about all the things will now here's jen hey everybody it's megyn hat maker welcome to the show this is for the love podcast and i'm so grateful the house you this week like every week just absolutely love our listeners and a absolutely love this series i mean there is so much good stuff in here you guys we're in a series called for the love of new beginnings and we're sort of turning our eyes to a new year and goals and ideas we want to try or conversations we'd like to finally tackle spaces we'd finally like to excavate and today is just the like on my enthusiasm level because we are going to talk with chris hugh arts and so chris is the writer the author of the book called the sacred any a graham so you guys the any graham it feels like it's been all the rage lately and it is but it's actually been around for a really really longtime the sort of aid teaching that talks about nine fundamental human character can of architects and so i had kind of a new we into the india graham world and i'm so here for it absolutely here for it i am learning so much brandon and i are learning so much in fact we each have our own copy of chris's book and the sacred indian graham it's all they're all marked up we're learning about each other the instagram is just a fabulous fabulous tools let me tell you about chris so he's an activist he's been involved in humanitarian relief at anti trafficking stuff for two decades so in addition to his work as an any graham teacher he's been he's trained and are some of the greatest his trained under richard moore he's learned with mother teresa you guys so we'll talk about all of that and so heaps introduce the in a graham like almost twenty years ago when he was working in the slums of cambodia so that's how his story here started and he has since become.

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