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Talk radio bettered watch rated listen but they did monitor like pair forebearers said was stod seat how they are there's make bogey week you have the hillary clinton she went to the bowlby's she went and saw black panther she liked it very much and i think she had hot sauce whether didn't jeev hunters william teacher she when she went to see black panther i assume she had had sought center giant purse because worry what good would it be for her to go to a movie like black panther weather at any hot sauce in her purse reckoning that you always carry with how does us really you have yeah how are you croatian right now that's awesome our bags absorbed that's us really i want you to know people are going to use the okay she's painter and a black list okay is it working at oh they're having such a good time oh they're are so jocular obviously there was a great personal connection there and they really enjoyed when and others company i think is what was going on there hillary and other as shots us she went and saw this movie black panther apparently it's real racist or something is it racist as that is that what the thing is about it issue must have had a scare special screening because i don't think white people have been allowed in yet have white people bin laden here's you might this place a person of colour a p o c and you would want to displace per appear in the movie theater kasdan you'd have to be an hour you'd have to be an hour after a racist but hillary clinton senate tweet out she's got a tweet saul black panther with build this afternoon and loved it bill who i know what you're wondering bill there when she says bill who she talking about beautiful film lots of action and a great message don't miss it i think the message is you must kill all the white people is that pretty much the message adding that's their self loathing caucasian hillary diane roddam clinton but she went saw the black panther we haven't gone to see it yet i i kinda wanna go see it but i.

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