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That's a lot to keep track of. Isn't it so funny like that's the true. That is the true meaning of being irrelevant and like bryan trying to capture with like staying episode to episode health conscious. Do you think you would be like to make sure you don't say specific persons gary. I don't even know who. I wouldn't be conscious of it. But that's because i'm not con. Wouldn't be like we can t the second one's allie goes through the score. And that's how. I know who's on my team. The only thing. I thought of was assuming this season has partner switches should we like tulsa fun like a minus point. You get picked to be your new partner because someone thinks of you so strongly that they steal you or the reverse that you get a half a half point if someone leaves you. I liked that. I liked both. What if it's a half point plus or minus a half point if you get selected or you get left plus one point sterckele tears because you're unhappy right your position and the person leaving is never leaving so they leave their yolk never lie. I kind of forgot how it works by brian. Cohen and selected. Brian scally the person who has brian. Cowley would lose a half point and the person who has. Brian would gain a half point for having the left e. but if it were the same it functioned the same way as it did in double agents. Then there's no points that follow on the re picks. It's just the initial person opportunity to leave the elimination winner. Who throws off the half points up. Now i feel like allie of like. Are we just adding points. Because my i would. I like that i like that role and i would say. Let's not mess with the daily challenge. And let's not mess with the multiplier. Confessionals agreed because the i think that that's more strategy based and that is up to interpretation whereas this is generally going to be for optimizing your role which We're trying to pick losers not optima People that are optimal towards the end. But what makes like. If i'm if i'm fussy and i get taken by by nissan What makes that worse for will debatable. What like what makes that so significant on fest part with him losing a point there because he's too good of a competitor that he is wanted people think he's a winner losers everyone who is selected. They were selected because they were like deemed to be the best or they were selected because they already had a skull in which case they were winners so they got picked. Okay so you don't have a skull and you suck. You're not getting picked right okay. Last point from matt are there any current scores that are overpowering. The scoring in my opinion team pretty balanced time without any players making a runaway. I agree. I think like aside from maybe we think earlier. Losers should be counted for which we have. I think it was otherwise pretty. Okay and here comes stewart. One last point the only thing i would mention and this might be splitting hairs. Elster if you listen to last thirty four minutes this talk about splitting hairs are the purges. All equal is being purged in the final different than being purged random episode because we sort of expect a purge to occur in the final regardless of there have been any in the season prior to that point. Okay because we're already treating the purge as an irregular elimination. I think we've already basically covered that that getting eliminated whether it be in the final or irregular purge should just count as you were eliminated plus one but it should count in the scope. It is like if it's life is decided between sorry the tear that it is so like if it's in the second episode whatever if it's done my episode or eliminations if it's in that bracket you get those points for the elimination at that time in the final you get less points for being eliminated in the final read fewer points. Whatever it's going to be a late night.

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