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Walked by p roze demanded last summer there in it's just it's so bad and pete juniors eta next to her i've ever i was the only one a yelled at me hey come cpu grows like oh i put my head down and i can't believe this yeah hemanno j m three growth did you see the ah you see him in the back of the car yeah a video wow here's the thing doesn't understand okay so he's been in prison for nine years allergenic got a great we'll thousand eight twitter was around and it was twitter i'm 2008 not least to this level it the think he doesn't understand is i guess now smartphones or around but again not to this level everybody's reporter every but he's on twitter so like he he's got to realise like dude he was sitting in like a car like an suv with slow clim keep your door shut yeah a b everyone's reported a window it was a sit like it is given an interview by of the people walked up and they started they start a film and it was like oj dude this is a different world the new left at it was nine years ago technology has evolved you can't do that no he's going to sell that's gonna be your first interview right there and you're not gonna get a dime he absolutely they guys should be given a lot of loves together it will house the hand is that people are trying to make money and use these i mean what do you think people words do you think they were carpooling trying to get this they're on him oh yeah there's his they i saw would mean how many decode data decoys ready he did he was in some blue outfit and then he had like this hatton and then he went out the bacchanals kind of stuff in but you know those people that's what they do no good if they're gonna find it where he is they did they tracked them down it's unbelievable i patriots no longer favorite to win.

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