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Pre-draft always get a chance to talk to Matt. Waldman of the rookie scouting portfolio and Matt will be joining us today. Here in a minute just a word of advice if you guys haven't Haven't listened to any of MATT'S PODCASTS. At the rookie scouting portfolio or any of the interviews. That that Matt and I have done over the years Buckling because I think we might be here for a little while so So so let's without any any further ado. Let Me Bring Bring Matt in Matt. How you do and how you been. How's everybody everybody's doing good at and You know have everybody staying safe out there all. We're we're trying we're trying we're doing the best we can. Of course safe. You're like me you spend a lot of time working from home anyway. So so things don't So so that part of life doesn't change a whole lot. Yeah Yeah I'm pretty much the same way so you know. People are getting used to working from home. I'm thinking well. It's a typical year. You know typical mark really typical March April for me other than the fact that if you do keep up with the news. It's been extraordinarily atypical. That it has the typical part for me. Is that you know two rooms over in my house. I have my wife now sitting here working from home so So that's a little different but We're all we're all doing what we have to do and the NFL is is rolling along. We've been through most of free agency at this point. They're they're pushing ahead with plans for the NFL draft which will be virtual. It'll be different. There won't be fans but there will still be in. Nfl draft and as usual there still a lot of hysteria in various teams fan bases as they discuss who who their teams should draft. What they should do and we're going to go through a lot of that Here in terms of the giants you know Matt. Your your major area of expertise. What you spend a lot of time on is the the skill positions. And that's what we're going to focus on here today. Mostly wide receiver. But I do have to ask you the giants. Have the fourth overall pick. They're they're not taking a quarterback they're not only. I would doubt very very much that they're taking a wide receiver. The big debate seems to be between Clemson. Do Everything defender Isaiah Simmons and taking an offensive tackle. And and if you're if it's you on that On that conference call you know making net choice. What do you do for the giants at forum? I'm curious because I get I get so many different opinions on this and it's split down the middle what you would do. I can imagine it is you know and and when you look at a guy like. Isaiah Simmons Certainly. He loved the athletic ability that he provides and the fact that he can cover tight ends and some wide receivers up the scene up to twenty twenty five yards with a drop. And you like the fact that he's type of guy that could spy quarterback and run some quarterbacks down as they try to break the pocket and get to the edge You know the real question is what position does he play and and to me. What's important about Isaiah? Simmons is having a really good plan for how you're going to implement him to to maximize strengths minimizes weaknesses. And and also really where you are as a team and when I look at the giants I mean certainly you have. You know you have an up and coming player and we'll Hernandez you know Zeitler and and sold her our solid. If not very good but then you still. You're looking at these guys. Mid To late career most likely in terms of the span of what? You're looking for from an offensive lineman that's kind of a breather at you have gates on at right tackle and you think about what is it that this. What is it that you want to do with this team? And and it seems to me that you have a young quarterback you have a young stud running back and it seems like the emphasis should probably if it were if it were me to emphasize the the offensive line to to really try and solidify this. Make sure there's depth make sure that there's up and coming talent because this offense is a young strength. That's how you got to have it and and I think that you know you need to give Daniel Jones time in the pocket. You know one of his. We've talked about him extensively last year and while the weaknesses that kind of showed up late in the year with him is low. Bit Of tone. Deafness in the pocket Some skill you know in terms of being able to manage pressure or being able to to send pressure quickly enough deuce in the amount of pressure that Daniel John owns deals with would be very strong. It would be very good thing having a bean having a strong an offensive line. That saquon Barkley is used in a manner where he can be working out in the flats or working. The scene or up the sideline as often as possible as a receipt. Really the answer is offensive line. And there are some good offensive lineman in the first round you know ranging from Andrew Tall lose one of the most solid two guys like MCI Becton to Tristan works in you. Know there's about four or five offensive line often. That are very strong in this class and I just think that build on. That should probably be the priority. Because you've already started building there and with quarterbacks you need to keep them clean you know and the cleaner you keep them the better off you are in terms of their development if you start hitting them on a they start getting hit. You know more than they should. That's the position where you can see regression and you can see decision making start to decline And then also difficulties being able to react to pressure amon overreacting to it. And that's something that cannot harm permanently ingrained in certain players. A guy like back in the past. There was a buffalo bills quarterback by the Trent Edwards. Who WAS AT STANFORD. And and he was known for his toughness in the bucket. I mean e- Atta horrific Offensive Line at Stanford to the point that when those USC teams with you know the the Reggie Bush Lyndale White Steve Smith you know Matt Liner ears were. They had a you know they were the Alabama and the Lsu of the NCAA when they were facing that type of team in USC THE STANFORD LINEMEN. There was tape of them. Literally argue with each other during a play and allowing China awards to get sacked. He was a tough guy. Though played through a lot of that but at buffalo you know he started look promising and then they were not able to protect him and once he got concussed by believe it was a hit by Adrian Wilson from the Arizona Cardinals His career pretty much as a starter ended because he came back. And you could tell he just. He re overreacted the pressure on a consistent basis and he could never really be anything more than a journeyman backup. And that's not the type of thing you want to have happened with a guy like Daniel Jones So being able to fortify the edge having depth at the edge and having youth Promising youth at that level will be helpful especially as players get hurt. Because you know I in Athens in the League and when you can provide some level of death along offensive line with talent It can make a difference in your season. I down here in Atlanta. And I'll end up with just saying that. You Know Matt Ryan. They added to offense Lineman for him. you know last year and one of them you know it was the Washington kid who was You know had I believe some sort of heart surgery. That was kind of a follow up procedure and then he was hurt early in the year and he didn't come back till later. And you could see how much that offense that offense struggled early in mid year without a solid offensive line and when they were able to bring him back in he started playing and he played well. You could just see the lift that the entire offense ad because of his presence and I think that's very important it was caleb mcgarry and Chris Lindstrom. Were the two that they added at right guard. Chris Chris Lindstrom a right guard Boston College and Caleb mcgarry on Washington and when those two guys got into the lineup and and you could just see the difference in how that offense played and I think it's I think that applies very well to the giants especially if you know. Mid-year injuries occurred having that that is important as well as growing for the future. Because like we said the the age of those players are at that mid to late career span. Yeah you're pretty much where I met Matt where I think it's there. I call it sort of their bottom line. Responsibility is to to give Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. Every chance to be the players that they should be or could be I WanNa talk about a WANNA turn the conversation. No at this point to to the other skill positions to more. You know the things that you spend most of your time studying in end that would be you know. We're not gonNA talk about quarterback. Obviously there's no need for us to do that at this point we'll talk about wide receiver mostly. We'll talk a little bit about running back and tight end. You know later in the draft and where I want to start is is right here. I tend to think you everybody. Focus for the giants on the offensive line. They focus on adding defensive. Play mayor makers they they sort of obsess about. How are the giants going to add to the pass rush? They're probably not going to be able to To get chase young in this draft. There they haven't been able to To sign it Avian. Clowney they're not GONNA be able to make a trade for the for the kid from Jacksonville whose name I always butcher. So I'm not even God announces. I'm not even GONNA try. I just I give up because every time I do it I'd I butcher it and somebody on twitter calls me out so I'm just I give up but But one of the underrated needs the way that I look at. It is wide receiver in where I want to start is. Let's actually start with what the giants have I mean? They have the veteran guys tate. They have you know Sterling Shepherd. Who's got the the scary concussion issues from last year? And my you know pick my first question for you is about dairy asleep and I guess my people look at him and they think could he be a number one wide receiver in. Is that if people look at him and say well. He's the he's the number one he's the guy. Is that putting too much of an expectation on Darius Slayton. I think it is at this point but Certainly the physical skills are there for him to become a primary wide receiver in the NFL and while the stats show that promised to believe that he can become that I think that he's going to need another year or two because again it to be a top receiver in the NFL. You really need to be able to to be consistently good against the top quarterbacks in the League against tight man coverage to be able to defeat bracketed coverage to be able to read coverage in a way where you're on the same page with your quarterback And understand the complexities of that. And I think that there's still more to prove with his game. There's more for him to develop so giving you know he may be a guy that can offer you some of those physical skills and some of those plays where you're not going to win the ball being able to beat Beat some top corners on occasion on some deeper routes Especially with the Eight. A play action or double moves or any type of play. That's more of a constraint type of play but I think overall you still need to give him a little bit of time and you're also GonNa need and I think also it doesn't hurt to be able to add another receiver in this very talented class. Who CAN Who can develop alongside where you can do some rotating of positions and you still have golden tate where tate I think. Maybe we still. At the end of his career stills. Bill is still able to offer some possibilities in terms of what he can do. Both inside and outside and you can play the game as an offense where you rotate the receivers to find good match ups for them in a way where you may not have to lean on saying alright. Here's you know you know when you had Odell Beckham you could. You could Kinda just say this is who he's going to be lined up against. It doesn't matter we're still gonNA throw him the ball he'll be open Whereas I think that that the giants don't quite have that right now But maybe in a couple of years a guy like Slayton or if they do draft another another player from this rich class You know within the first two to four rounds. They might find that guy as well. So let's talk about a scenario here. One of the things that Dave gettleman has been known for everybody sort of nashes their teeth and looks at cattleman with the number. Four pick ince's all he really should trade down but but he's never done that. You know in seven drafts is in. Nfl General Manager one of the things though that it gettleman has done consistently in both Carolina and New York in which he did this last year with the Andre Baker..

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