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This is a bonus episode of behind the Lens with the deans of Xavier University and Dillard University HP. Goals in New Orleans on September second the president of Dillard and in new. Orleans wrote a letter to the students staff and Faculty of their schools informing them that they are already participating in the national vaccine trial being conducted right now by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and run locally by the ochsner medical system they write our communities have been hit hard by the covid nineteen pandemic with heroin consequences for the lives and health of our fellow citizens overcoming the virus will require the availability of vaccines effective for all peoples in our communities especially are black and Brown neighbors. Phase three vaccine trials have begun across the nation including in New Orleans. It is of the utmost importance that a significant number of black and Brown subjects participate so that the effectiveness of these vaccines be understood across the many diverse populations that comprised these United States, our health reporter, Philip Kiefer and I spoke to Dr Walter Kimbro and Dr C., Reynolds. About their decision to participate in the trial and they're letter encouraging others to do the same, we were unable to have them on the phone together due to scheduling conflicts. So we spoke to them separately up I portion of our discussion with the Dean of Exeter University of Louisiana, a Haitian native Dr See. Reynolds Brett received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Columbia University and has a PhD in biochemistry from Mit Dr Herat on behalf of myself and Philip, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you to start off with. How did you? Come to be part of the trial reunion solicited specifically to participate or did you come it on your own? I. About Detroit seem. I guess I just need to recruit. Physician my own personal physician. And who alleged disloyalty And I saw. And I am basically I. I mentioned I'd be interested Gates Smart Formation About in descending commission about. And he came back to me and says leasing since is lamentable record son Dr Directorates. Basically as I see nothing that trump of the trial. And your health an but they'll follow pursue. That was my initial interaction. and. So when I got information about the trial process and things like that. That was dug vaccine. In that it was on what face was face to treats three combined. The and that also told me it was important that anyone should know that the the first safety. have been the this was about. which puts A. Little more destroyed. I also knew that there were some people might say the heroes wet stepped up before where list themselves for the face one on vaccines as well, and they were people like me you and your people are on. The West Coast. So I was quite willing to to be a member of Detroit. When I when I had my? My I saw evaluation. Shots. I had commissioned with with with. Walter to Kimbro in their shared that with investigating mentioned to me that he had considered commuter trump because he himself knew about the low. Inclusion, of African Americans missing also both of us are aware that a number, the of victims of both on chasing also. A much higher significantly higher among African Americans know of other people as well in the of people that seem to get that was negative. Let me. Make Children. So that was the issue basically. Will Kimbrough himself out see Walter zeal to? My brother President Dillard step to offer himself as well and that's when we discussed that punk. She shared. She shared this without with Arkansas Skinner's faculty just let them know. And what we let them know that we had been in Detroit that I had done my injection of identified the second. And the and the. And the in in what I said is a encourage people are knocking out communities also be. To consider me members of the trial for the reason, the biscuit renew that the percentage of emerges in other people were stub wearing in the low single digits in if in the really as a as a need Austin of our chemists are what I do know is that as we go through this guy to understand how the effects of that scene in different populations unique representations. The question he don't all people's equally. Produce Production for reasons G toxins. That's something. To look into exactly, we take serum blood sample from from different subjects in the. Arts in other tendency. Bites. Is a protection coping by team because we are not the ovulation and you'll. receive all the styles in the production cycle. This group which what is the case incidents muscle groups people w testing. And then what I know and to to say this is equally effective. Another suspected people is important Richard Bill from the get-go. Not Afterwards. In specifically in different people when you say in different people, you're talking about people of different lengthens all subsequent ablation Alec and extreme kissed as scientists coming up is the disparity in. The inclusion of different peoples in different groups. Up for clinical trials I was always a also aware of some of the failures can trust to just needs. You include different people's that I mentioned that there were many drugs tested only on men different. We never knew the effect. Dr To buy happens under control was the dosages in what the symptomology will be associated with us. You think about it back bent that stupid but we were stupid. But also there were there kimmy injustices in how we use a trinity trials will not fully include. African American really didn't confession marriage because sometimes they will twenty misuse steeds. Every one of them were trials in the native native peoples. That documented. Exist. I also know that we've had many years of effort to actually make sure that trials transparence into show that the people involved in overseas trials need municipalities, committees, vague and bring other people. To talk the seat and make sure that consent in that people have been mysterious at central. Ask Him. About your training as a biochemist threats. Yes. If you participated in a clinical trial before or you considered it before only subjects but but not not inexact seen trump before. I tradition. al-agiz we also understand. What about the w accedes different special vaccines I it different people. Gina type issues that that that that concert maxine to different people's isn't blocked. So I think it's an we have our in any population with a vaccine delicate work on nominees. Just don't don't union spots, but they benefit because if we have heard of unity. If everyone the majority of that's needed there's nobody to infect. So that's important to know, and you only understand that in laws perspective trial..

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