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Club the classic radio club dot com you should join you'd love it and that at our official website Hollywood three sixty radio dot com there's a podcast so that's three websites check them all out but right now it's time for the Whistler good mystery series this is from September fifth nineteen forty two with the house of greed bill foreman stars here is part one of the Whistler wait a minute have you heard the weird tales of the Whistler being I am love was slow Sunday night and again CBS presents the Whistler I know many or Iowa by nine he's changed in the hearts of men and women who are into the I know the name is they did not speak so why did you the amazing story of how on green a taxi cab Ross of the night and comes to a stop before a brownstone mansion on the west fifty second street the driver opens the door handsome well dressed man stepped out he's the driver let's quickly up the stairs fumbles with a bunch of keys but the door open hello Jack detail but rather from west misses out but she left three days ago it went to the place in the cat scan there's a note on your desk good your brother Frank is reading in the library Frank what you want yeah look Frank I told you the last I've given a more money the whole but it isn't gambling that this time I'm ready for me I'm going to settle down and work work I'm not a big cattlemen from South America he has a very lovely daughter and she talked to father into letting the binding personal business how much involved I'm sure I'll make good John well very well I don't mind doing something like that for him only leaving tomorrow night at a plane reservation for four days thanks for the tech done you're a swell guy tell Merrick about four inches up in the Catskills is Jackson told me that good lord what's wrong she is known to the Catskills that I can understand this one to me what is it will read it John this life is too lonely I can't go on like this so I'm leaving you I found someone else who's more considerate of me first I'm going home and from there it doesn't matter I'm sorry but things just didn't work out of course someone is more considered over it well I would have given merry everything our heart desires she must be out of a mine should have been gone a lot women get crazy ideas not the pins right up Monday yes I can see that you better take it easy for awhile and I don't know kind of sick all of a sudden nothing seems to matter well maybe she'll wake up before he gets too far preferable to cancel my trip for a few weeks until you get straightened out on on on never mind all of pull myself together I wouldn't have you side track your plans for the world I think you better go not Frank rather be alone all right but don't do anything foolish what you mean well if you brought about at your level to get some crazy ideas and end up really holding the sack good luck Frank lots of luck thanks if I don't John for the remainder of the night standing over the top of his the next morning he closes the house stops on Mary's which takes a lot all over Europe but to no avail finally he drops his active interest in this business and goes to live in his country and one day a he is only Hines himself on a honeymoon he's married a widow named yeah yeah we got away without does the LA riots and honeymooned at our end age is a workable grannies I thank the New York one five and I certainly don't feel old because you know and then on now that the wedding is over there's something I haven't I when I I haven't said anything because I was afraid it might make a difference I know what it is you have a son did you know I wondered when you were going to mention it he is the school this year it's been quite a struggle going into college but he's very bright Paul has studied hard managed to cram too yeah one could you spend the summer with January the band performing the business owners can come down to our place in the country thanks John your wonderful you can just the next window the following summer and the next I was visiting his mother last year he worked in the office everyday sound business very boring so fine he quit going to the city at all modern look the whole thing over there's nothing that interests me but you can learn about the business you seem to be able to learn anything else you want to and I don't have a business you are full I work my necklace to the bone to give you an education I know you don Talbot to give you a chance a chance to do something John had no children is a huge business and one day you could control the whole thing disappointed in your blood letting me down wrote it seems to run very well without too much attention to him if we were to wear heritage why when it continued around just as well you I don't get out of that office you pack your things and get out I'm perfectly satisfied hello John thank you suppose I tell them what you just said that you married him just give me a chance madam for is money you wouldn't and suppose are telling that you were never divorced from all that the sterile down in South America they're wandering around trying to find a gold mine if you open your mouth all right what about the American life by not having to always just talking about that when he met down there north and South America bar more rain fell on them today were you in the city today knowing down the village I didn't suppose you'd been out of the house today what's his name Ryan I don't remember I didn't think you would you have been out of this house for three days all I think you learn laziest man I've ever met all right all right I'll start back to the office one day if that's what you want mother want me to do wild and that's first portion of the Whistler more after these words sure this is a a nine seven the answer forty degrees and cloudy what's going on we have the answer this weekend's antiwar protests and some seventy cities across the country have people speaking out some new turned out for Saturday's demonstration in Times Square incorporated chance of no justice no peace U. S. out of the Middle East this woman shared her concerns about the US airstrike that killed a top Iranian military leader I mean I think every American should be very worried this was Friday night a group of protesters rallied peacefully outside the Brooklyn home of Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer man is dead after fire tore through a Brooklyn building Saturday afternoon conditions were severe in the graves and nature of building I what I saw my bill although the whole after watching all residents are mourning the loss of their neighborhood kids that had to see that I'm trying to do CPR on him it's just sad it happened around two o'clock at the Marlboro houses on west eighth street the FDNY extinguish the inferno heavy heavy fire arrival heavy heavy smoke condition visibility was zero detective work no that'll do wills they found a sixty three year old man unconscious on the fifth floor police say he was pronounced dead at the hospital to firefighters and EMS worker were treated for minor injuries fire officials are investigating the cause of the blaze a show Paula NBC news radio New York and in sports rather blank the islanders three nothing devils lost the Colorado five to the Rangers fell to Vancouver two to one on the hard court nets loss to Toronto one twenty one to one of two and an NFL playoff action the Tennessee Titans in Houston Texans are advancing to the AFC divisional round check your forecast clouds overnight later today periods of sun with high forty one tonight with a bit of snow low thirty five Monday clouds give way to sun with a high forty seven checking your traffic no major problems right now in the Bronx on the cross Bronx or the major Deegan and they'll parkway west that obey parkway with a crash.

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