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To men in blazers on the nbc sports network from the embassy row studios and the crap pot of bedford new york and the crap. Part of the south folk of long island roach is the in places. Plus we back. Us men's soccer. We'd just acknowledge any of you listeners. Who watched the end of the golkar at around midnight eastern time and then again around three thirty to catch the pre-game phenomenal impact kickoff. You deserve some kind of mental thebe h found the spiritual so back on terra firma. Raja back in the united states of america from italy. It was my. It was a tour that was necessary for me off. The any bad. feeling of the euro's is gone. It went with my first shot of espresso. The at the roadside auto strada bridge. I love that country. I love everything about. It's at least just perfect. But that where were you. We just you and shalini stripping down to your speedo is running on a long beach. Connecticut win and i went on a boat. Trip went on a beautiful boat. The poke the christina auroras one of the belt built in the nineteen forties by by analysis. And it's where kennedy. I met a churchill on. That boat has amazing history beautiful And a friend ferry very generous friend of mine invited twenty four of his friends to join him on this boat and we cruised around the amalfi coast. Before i got there. The boat had been in sardinia where they will run into. Donna roma vacationing there. That's where all the italian noli americans like. Who's that summit. Yeah exactly say no. I think he's a real testament to the power of the euro's that suddenly all of my american friends know who donna rumor is. God i love the sound of this. But i think be water. Even i love walter. I love the launches. I love everything about the boat. Life is so good but yeah we're on the amalfi coast positano. Capri escora amalfi. All of those wonderful places and then we went up to where you would have really probably liked. You might have already been there. We went to lake. Como roach flew into milan. Went to lake. komo's that is just. There's nowhere like that. I've ever been in. My life is just magical. I can't wait to get back there again. You know what reminds me of late combing wool like michigan. Well they are. Both michigan is the deepest of the great lakes lake. Komo's the deepest of the deepest lake in the continent of europe. But i love lake. I like to think of lake michigan as the as the deepest intellectually one incredible planes. I was in chicago this weekend. Must spiritual homeland taking as you taking. My eldest son samson back to that magical kingdom for the first time in his life a trip that he called ahead of time the adventure that we've always talked about with a made me feel good that we would do in it and terrible because it was clear in talking about it for years and not been a man of action which really. Hey i don't. I don't like to talk about things and then they'll do them like this. This trip the joy of this chip truly reaffirmed think is particularly post cove. It everything we talk about in life. I might she. One of my focus is now. He's on china actually execute on it and my lord my lord we truly executed you do most of the things you talk about russia just sometimes like becoming an american citizen. Take to a very long time. I'm faith that. I don't do a pretty bad up paperwork. Say we that place. What julius mohammed. So many great. Pflp's across that city from the south to the north side. We ate the place up. Italian beef at owls deep dish pizza. P quads ribs. At the twin anchor lou mitchell's but the pentacle. Dave and it's thought about a law was throwing out saturday night the first pitch now chicago white sox it was it was. It's it's the truly terrifying moment when you're about to throw a first pitch our everyone you know. He's throwing the first pitch out tries to health full and gives you suggestions on how to because as you quite hard because amount is bizarrely through it. Three anti sent me a message. So ye which is on. The mound is really through your ticks off. That's why people through wild pitches rai. It's really hard if you if you you and i play cricket. We've never held the baseball to bloody wave thing today. Before i came to the ballpark i didn't practice just google first pitch which was a huge mistake at about four o'clock in the afternoon and the first thing you see mariah carey. Think she got about two feet off the mound before it hit the turf fifty cent wildlife. Dr fao j. I mean just completely. Shang walked to the mound aside. Please go don't let me found. She don't let me found she. Don't let me found and it did. I will say went totally magic. And it was so humbling to take the mound at comiskey park. I glimpsed as a fifteen year old. Who fell in love with the mighty white sox but they were kid watching the kid who is around the same age as i was when i started to make my own decisions by then and he's about to do that now. Might you know my decisions led me to move here to the united states in the lord knows where simpson's are going to take him. It's a reminder. Had your voice in my head. David that we're all on the conveyor belt of life in the simulation generally as a conveyor belt. Is that where you are. Now you giving up the vamp life you know just like nothing. What if it does we. We have this convenient now. I think everything matters and the convertible is still very much conveyor belt every single thing about. I'm at the point right now of yet. There's no free will. And it's all a simulation mainly because it just gives me a great end to multiple conversations that people have with me about why. I'm doing something a certain way. Or why did something or what. I'm going to do in the future. It's just it's a great conversation and his There's no free will and it's all just assimilation anyway. Fifty shankar's pitch wide left. She didn't after his first. Pitch it. what. We're all just a simulation. Well they did. They just had no other way to go and do it any other way and it was. It was built into the simulation somehow So shanks beautiful. Simulation is very very good. Relation football matches simulated. It's the women's soccer tournament at olympics. And definitely the gold cup without a doubt but i. I'm so glad you got to spend that weekend with samson. I know how much that city means to you. And obviously sampson exciting sama. Before he goes to college in the fall what a What a landmark. Even if there's no free will even at this is just a simulation. This is a very beautiful part of it. Roger was a hilarious moment where the white sox before went on gave me a year. White sox jersey with my name on the back and it like completely and utterly was so big. It just swamped me. Was i me. You suddenly wear it like a little kid. Wherein like grown-ups clothing. And i took it off and he just picked it up slipped on himself and it just fit in perfectly you just realize movement in life where your kids to surpass. She was a human being my movement that was about ten years ago but it was a reminder it was a reminder that movement and that is one of life's glory may all kids be better than a staving. Yeah without a doubt. Okay roach before we dive into this. Us salkin double bill. A quick word from the proud presenter of this podcast draft king sportsbook. Listen to this great offer. Place any pre event wager of just one dollar to be eligible to cash. One hundred dollars in free credits. If america wins any medal this year. I think they come up with these over the team. They sits around. Why is the makes it extraordinarily ridiculous author. We.

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