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Understand anything may say kids can't disrespectful how i see crazy first while we're on the subject takenaka faith glow but they still these may want why can't perfect in every way what's the matter with cats bye bye birdie you'd better believe it paul linnea why could may be perfect just like we were charlotte in durham north carolina calls in all the jim bohannon show good evening charlotte are you there pray tell charlotte the like charlotte have you listen to the repeat there are let's go to troy and charleston west virginia hello troy hello how higher i'm well thank you first bomb cholera get down park curator knowing her stand today in our market on gun via hat uh mike thing the same thing where going come when your mother berger were they open it or rather an older person your morning nearopen ignored a yes ma'am norway and they do their work your date kid don't care about that after an allday doing endemic air following number want pick up worth antic if not their work ethic is not here today knocked away at it anybody or if there were in that can get ahead recuse got i am going in needed are to do that are weighing on seventy five five years ago and we are in our worked on my last year work and we'll go from here yeah absolutely good for you that that is that is a good thing i obviously so do i one eight six six five oh jabbar number and uh i would concede that there are those who do work who are young but but i think the troy is oughta something in that there is a a a disturbingly high percentage uv exactly what troy said and that is bothers some to me is bothersome some to be for them it's bother with some to me for the country and i i would hope that that the something can can turn this around i appreciate your listenership badger called troy did we ever a resurrect the charlotte to call a durham north carolina pardon house charlotte are you are you with us live high us i hope that uh your.

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