Valley Forge, Washington, America discussed on Red Eye Radio


Very important to the survival of the revolution the legends of fair foot soldiers leaving bloody footprints in the snow or non fiction the tales of starvation disease malnutrition and exposure at Valley Forge in the winter of seventeen seventy are not exaggerations one soldier reported seeing the dead bodies so covered with lice that it was thought the lights alone killed even after makeshift cabins are built in the manner out of the freezing wind and snow each century still has the tools from his book made before his term so it is a clean there was one thing not lacking in the American camps it is calculated that rebel troops are consuming a bottle a day for men one Englishman six fire Washington goes before his troops and offers about to all who stepped forward and re enlist the drums rolled no one step forward Washington couldn't believe he was dismayed he was he was shot his desperate so he marched up and down the line banking pleading cajoling his men to stay telling them to fit the future of America rested with them the drums rolled again this time one man stepped out two men stepped out at the end everyone who could stayed on complete he could inspire his men they admired him he looked the.

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