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I'm sorry for the yacht trip that I spent thirty thousand on. No, I don't think. So I don't think so I don't be annoyed. So then he had to make some scallops and they were all annoyed. They're so rude. I thought they'd want some comfort food after witnessing a man overboard. Almost loses foot chicken is comfort food. We don't really care didn't lose his foot, and I'd like some scallops. So then they wanted to celebrate their birthday and the main steward girl is like who celebrate your birthday at forty three. I don't know maybe some of those thirty to forty thousand dollars on a two day trip on a boat. Maybe they would like a birthday hick sort of fucking inconvenience you people that I'm paying anyway, you can tell I love the show, but I've been asking how some of the stuff has been. Getting done and someone wrote me a little bit anonymously about the shooting the shoe the shooting of the film, filming of below deck. And here it is this anonymous juicy scooper said this is some answers the crew that filmed the show stay at a nearby hotel and get shuttled in by the boat daily. They have staggered shifts that way, they're always coverage. I'd imagine they have cameras on them from six AM to two AM. There's a follow boat where production is stage. That's where the crew eats lunch and non essential crew hold. I no, I'm not giving you super juicy t tales, but just logistics. So they they have some scoop in Hollywood that. I can't say who they are this year. You'll be the best gift giver ever and your family because you know, what you're going.

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