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Maybe people think that okay you're also your six war would without at winning measuring with these combined 61 okay so you get drafted by the utah jazz summer league who did you compete against de'aaron fox lonzo ball there's all these people in prison i've had a played against that was a big name was jason tatum knows it now he played him in college played him yet twice three times he went to duke okay his your hair like now he place with the celtics he played for duke duke pumped louisville from ac tournament is that sting only because we were up fifteen and we went yeah they went to his own and we used to torch on the whole year we just had a bad game so at shooting game this alec like a cell block assab rivalry like for you are you like not i i let the alleged that won't go south carolina got him back uh so i let el at that one go uh if we had lost kentucky out for vetting our beef eluded him but we won now bring out the deering and bandmann maliki all the time have you play against searing if you played against the sacramental kings had i put against bam and play against okay but those are your guy though zia i'm cool with them like right i mean like did you guys dropped like a camps in so i went to the same camps as i played onbam so bam louis de'aaron i we went to a thin column.

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