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Trims in particular since nine eleven in the afghan to stand in iraq conflicts the wars that have said so many of our brothers and sisters back home with new challenges john dunbar mayor of your bill california and on the board of the county of the country's largest two veterans home which became a killing ground key cbs reporter tim ryan is the tom parkinson of vietnam army medic whose lived here for six years laid lilies alongside several bull case saying it is time to finally recognize the reality of post traumatic stress ptsd these his own your estimated as a disease in america i think we have thousands home returning lotteries dr during his two bombs then it could go off in southern california right now suspected cop remains barricaded inside an apartment in pomona be suspect ran into an apartment complex where a officers gave chase as he barricaded himself in a bedroom officers attempted to contact him and he began firing through the door striking to officer la county sheriff's department detective christopher bergner says one of those officers is dead the other hospitalized despite a series of flash grenades the gunman remains barricaded inside former white house strategist steve bannon taking his ulc right philosophy to france in support of rightwing politician marine le pen telling a crowd there today let them call you racist missing it mississippi let them call you xenophobes as it is easy to let them call you nativist unless he food is at the net tv where it as a badge of honour he says politics is now a battle between nationalism and globalism move gene township pennsylvania tonight a rally in support of a slipping republican candidate in a special election president trump making an appearance life and death during wartime cbs's larry miller reporting on the ever deteriorating situation in syria civilian slaughter continues in the damascus suburb of these gouda of syrian forces cut off a major highway in a major blow to rebel fighters day long shelling and air strikes at the urban sender of duma wiping out three families there rescue workers in that extra go through the rubble to reach the wounded the british they syrian observatory for human rights reports the threeweek death toll unease gooda now exceeds a thousand a quarter were children larry miller cbs news london i did wrought update a native of france regained the lead front runners passing the midway points in.

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