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Pie wasted from their album. Cinco saying sorry with boys can't dance as a new. My got from seizure. Mer actually a siege. Moore's on a blow as many realizations are were on a mailing list for various musicians and their production companies management. Yes anyway and you know they send out occasionally a big old list of You know albums rusted download and play on our shows and dared one of them and before that dale oliver world-class maniac four for the former showtime. Now he's violent by design eric. You're listening to wrestling trademark. You ronnie during rest right here on paramedic and by other podcast cheering media next up. We have inex- t takeover stand and deliver a night one. So i'm not gonna go into too much detail. I'm as much as i went into just now with hardcore justice. Like i said i wanted to give do them a bit. Better justice from last week. So i'm just gonna run down the actual results for varsity shows. Because i think. I'm not going to have the time to talk about all of what i wanna talk about as much as i wish. I could zoe. Stark tony storm during the stand and deliver kickoff pete dunn defeated kushida in a match to determine who is the best technical wrestler and quite message to see on top of it. Brunson defeated is e swerve. Scott cameron grimes. La night dexter lewis and leeann roof in a six man gauntlet eliminator match to determine the number one contender for the angsty north american championship. A night to an Uk champion walter defeated tomas o. champa q. Defend his title and move to annex e uk prelude to defend his title a second time in two days. Msk wesley and nick carter defeated grilled join veterans. James drake ends. Zach abson and laguna del. Fantasma wildy young raw mendoza and joaquin wild in a triple threat. Tag team match for the vacant. Nfc tag team championships. And in the main event raquel gonzalez defeated women's champion. Eeo shirai to win her. First title in annexed state and it was quite the emotional night for her by the will quite emotional nature a lot of people and The only is at the only wo- new champions. But i think that's the only title change proper as such for that particular show not that it wasn't enough but long standing champion e. Oh sure i was able to Put off a good fight against a strong opponent who she shows herself. Apparently to say i want you to. I wanna fight you. Okay all your regret it or i bet you won't. Oh i bet. I will and boy did she. Anyway.

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