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KFI am six forty live everywhere on that I heart radio app US officials say that their troops were informed of an imminent attack hours before at that barrage of Iranian ballistic missiles struck that air base and a rock that hosts American forces one US army army officer describing today on giving the order for American troops air base to go on lockdown and later in the bunkers before that missile started slamming into the area two big news in the US sports world the manager and general manager of the Houston Astros were suspended by the league for a year or stealing signs and then it turned out that the owner of the Astros fired both said you're never going to work here again so that's a big deal the team itself find five million dollars losing draft picks as well locally the family of the loan crew member who died with thirty three passengers on the conception boat is suing the owners of the vessel twenty six old alley Kurtz was her name and they filed suit against the owner of the conception in federal court today well we got a bunch of stuff to talk about when it comes to Washington DC that's where where you're gonna starts wamp watch rain is wrong Washington world doing it a new a new chapter when it comes to where are we on the articles of impeachment headed to the Senate Mona because our OB E. is joining us live from Washington DC with the latest on all of this motor where we stand today tell.

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