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What's on your mind. Hey i heard discussing the brantley situation. And i rated the astros. Go ahead and resign him. I'm just not really understanding. Why what the whole situation is. We can't have them both. We can't find him in springer you got burland or green tea. That are going to be coming off the books in the next couple of years. And that's basically seventy seventy million dollars. So i'm not real sure what the astros are thinking like. I mean they have these studs that are all under contract for the next five years bitching and we're concerned about all. We've got to figure out what we're going to do in center field. I mean it just doesn't make any sense to me. Hey doug thanks for the call. I think part of it is a day. Use it right. I think you can do it financially. If you want to to. In a free agent contract guess what you have to have to to to players us and the guy that played the position in the negotiation. He's got wanna stay in. You got want to keep them for the right price and then you start to look at okay if we signed to a five year deal. How old will he be. That deals over for the money. We're paying him and so the question is does it fit. It's not a matter of next year. Could they fit. Brantley and george springer under sure could. Yeah the sure they could but the question is do you want to. And you feel. It's best for your future and your team moving ahead. I love springer rally. I think that. I think in their minds that they've already resign themselves to the fact that they may make a small go at george. I don't think they've. I don't think they believe they're gonna make the pitch. That's going to keep springer in. Houston i don't want him back. It's just against the fact that he's thirty one years old and james clerk came from a franchise that doesn't operate on signing old players analytics. Don't say sign old players. He's not old but he is an older player and they're going to prioritize signing younger players. So i have. I mean brantley not younger. But he's a short term deal. You live with that like. They're going to prioritize. I think signing carlos correa period. And quite frankly probably understand. Although it's a bummer. Right yeah i'm talking about. I mean honestly in the business from the business side of it. I wouldn't consider signing george springer as well period. You're a businessman as a fan. I want him here yesterday. Yes that's just not going happen right. We can discuss. And i know fans are the exile that goes with it. Hopefully michael brantley all limit your anxiety a little bit more and They can get this deal done. Texans take on cleveland browns. This weekend looks like nick. Chubb is going to be practicing all week and more than likely will play this week. This doesn't bode well in the run game much to discuss. 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We will discuss sportstalk seven ninety and we were talking about duke johnson and number forty Josh romeo cornell on duke johnson's performance now it wasn't oh my gosh stellar to the point. Where a blue your doors off. But she did see something different. It looked a little bit different. Here's a romeo cornell. Had to save duke johnson as a running back. I like the fact that he was able to step in and Get some tough yards. He stepped up and he blocked protection. he can catch the ball out of the backfield. That's why we had those those two guys. They complement each other. Have david duke will take the load and i think we'll like what we see From him doing that job and he did nice job. Yeah you will like what you see. Can we get more of him. Need to get more of him With duke johnson and he also mentioned about the shawn watson and he spent time and time again number. Thirty on the shawn watson and and how good he is and heroes romeo cornell onto sean this past weekend you this describe that he has going. I think that's going to help the team quite a bit. And you know his running ability as we talked last night. I mean you know. You really don't want him to have to run But when he does he's got a knack for feeling the the rush of the pressure and being able to to get himself out of trouble and so We'll let him run if you can stay out of trouble guys. I heard that comment previously. I i don't why don't you want him to run. I don't know because this team we've gone over this. A million times no incentive to losing games. They should actually try to win them. And they have absolute zero running threat and you should be letting them run the football. I don't care like watching guys. Run all over the place running. This is different. I know i know. Romeo came in the league longtime ago. I don't understand now. Do i want him to have to bail all the time. No on of course not. Of course. I don't i don't want that. Nobody does. But i'm just i don't know why we'd say we don't want him to have to run. Don't know are they running the ball pretty well with quarterback in buffalo doing okay. How about the quarterback in seattle. Doing all right now. Aaron doesn't have to because he just different yes he can. You extend plays a guy in baltimore. Ultimate is not bad. Kyle kansas city chiefs arizona. Miami i mean i don't i don't know why we're discouraging that matter of fact. I'm under the impression that we should call more. Designed runs for to shawn watson giving him on the edge to create pressure on a defense see. Here's what happens when a defense doesn't feel pressured to ways and they just dominate you one way and then every single. Then everything's more heightened. Every single thing you do in the passing game has to be perfect now. Does shawn had a decent gambling. I watch he missed some throws it were wide open and then he makes some throws you say damn good okay so for this past week it was just. It was for shawn watson in my mind. It was an for him. Judging were his bars. I thought it was an average game for him. I did. I thought it was just kind of a. It was enough to win. And how.

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