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Buoying alien resurrection and sons of anarchy and all that violent bullshit. Not until show offense. I go. Thank you. What was I saying? I don't know. We're both Jesus. Oh, that I was asking you who your favorite actors are have been Sorenson, you know, okay. As a director. And then the guy who made rust and bone jock Odio the The Frenchman frontier. those two directors without work for for free, but don't let that get out. Because I won't work for them, but I would right, but I won't theoretically, but not really, Folsom Sandison and the Coen brothers. This, this is others, but those are the bright, shiny objects of my desire who is who do you have most? Let me not that name a favourite, but most memorable experiences. I mean, that's quite a list of right. Rando when John hurt. And I mean you've worked with everybody. You know, when we're when next on we can talk about my memoirs. Oh, and we can talk about it as if I just wrote it left me do thing. You know, as if I'm coming on here to to promote it to promote a book that I wrote it five years ago, but nobody has to know that if you look at look at the sales, it's new to everybody. I bet you it's doing present Sean Spicer's book though. Exactly. I loved. Here's one of my favorite things. You were friends with? Sammy Davis junior because he was a huge fan of. Candyman listen, we gotta love that a Pearl. Did he call you parole? And he didn't. He didn't know that when I grew up in my neighborhood in Washington heights in New York, that I was the Pearl that everybody called me pro, but Sam, he just had this thing about him man, and he just went hurl. Amen. What are you and your bride doing Tuesday, man. How about. To familiar in shell. Ethic. Sure, Sam. That's fantastic. You are happily married two kids. Right. How long married, how many, how many kids to kids. One of each guess of. Thirty seven years married forty two years together, how we got married exactly five years to the day from our first date, Hollywood values. A first date was the balanced the and then five years later we got married. Well, well, well, kids, my kids are. I don't remember who could say, who could say it probably don't want me to talk about. That's fine. That's fine. I say, I know once tenures that makes I saw their ages on something so he'd be forty three. Thirty three. I'm sorry, ten years younger than me. Do you have before we go favourite celebrity story? I don't. I mean, it's just it's hard to like read, worked with an ongoing like, wow, that is because you with me a huge body of work. You've been it's, you know. You know, in sons of anarchy beauty and the beast. But you worked for forty years now? Yeah, though. I have. I have. I have a bunch of great celebrities throws than they're all in the book. So can we? We come back. Just doing that. Are we just humping the book or give me one piece of sugar? No figure convince him giving doing independent movies. I need to sell some one piece of over to Brando CEO one day I may have a favor. Nothing you got nothing on Brando this. I have a story in the book about Brando that should've taken three pages, but I, I actually made it into two chapters. Because let's face it. Look in the most important actor in the history of cinema, and you don't. You don't. You don't just give them once you don't..

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