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You're from I got I don't know what I'm talking I got some good news to share and like all the doom and gloom what no one here okay my nephew Andrew Thomas Murphy is graduating this fall Alfa zero can you hear me out yes I can't make out are you with me I am go ahead sweetheart actually technically I'm already know everything on the radio zero what it means yeah it my nephew graduating from Alvin high school assets cabinet this morning this morning Aaron yeah I have a morning great okay all right well it's not it's it's kind of a I don't know if you wanna call vocational bay it's they have smaller classes like is is is class I think it's like thirty two people he told me yesterday so anyways and he argues I'm so proud of him he has been through so much this whole school career he was bullied from elementary school all the way to junior high and when he got to high school he joined that power lifting club and he later he got a letterman's jacket and power lifting and he almost literally died like three years ago from typhus which he got from a flea bite it's kind of scary a little creature like that yeah I mean he was he was very close to death and he's very special and I just wanted you know Cheryl had been news today well that's great are you arguing the graduation unfortunately I'm working but I'm going to watch it online the film yes Sir could only they're only allowed like six people I told you if you just call it a riot you have no right for a funeral only applied to the law abiding citizens if you're a riot whatever yeah a what I want to do after he graduates well you know what he he wants on a coffee shop in the funny thing is is that when he was well he still he's got ADD or ADHD one up on them lotuslive no doubt what his parents were reluctant to put put him on medication and they he was he hasn't been on medication since he was eight years old but his mind a lot of research and found that coffee is a good thing for kids with those issues and let me tell you that war can make a main Cup of coffee and he wants to own his own coffee shop Sunday like a Dutch coffee shop or American culture Michael what American coffee shop yeah a specialty coffee shop O. okay okay will you let me know when he doesn't and Ramon I'll go there and have a okay thank you for that would be I'm just saying right just so you know Cindy what I'm gonna do when I leave radio is honest and open up the consulting practice I don't want to go to medical school because it takes too much time so I'm going to be like a sort of like a quiet sigh psychologist which is a psychiatrist can't prescribe anything and but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring in a nurse practitioner and she'll be able to prescribe stuff in people bring their their kids to me it won't matter how old the kid is a week old or twenty five then when they bring their kid in I'll will I'll charge him for the hour and in our I'll say tell me all the things about your kid that have brought you here today and then they'll talk for fifteen minutes and I'll say well and no you don't want to deal with a lot of parents are going to exactly what you're going through even though that'll be the first case of heard of it exactly what you're going through and I know you don't want to medicate your kid a lot of parents are reluctant to to medicate their kid but I'm gonna prescribe something for your child and now I I know it seems like everybody's getting this diagnosis but your child is the proto typical archetypal ADHD he really is he is everything you've told me fits neatly into the the boxes he is I mean if there was a case out of out of the the medical textbook of ADHD that would be your child it won't really matter what the child is in so what my nurse practitioner since I won't be able to technically a prescribed medication I'll have I'll call her and she will prescribe that should just have a standing prescription and should just put the kids name and it'll already be there in the most of them on their way and I'll say come back in a month and eventually was arctic kid out so much that they want her parents any problems anymore I say that in jest because I have yet to find a parent I've been going through this because we didn't have kids until much later but I have I have had friends over the years and they take their kids to the doctor and without fail all say so with the doctor say well believe it or not ADHD I did I wouldn't get ADHD who would have guessed it's almost as if that ADHD is a catch all who is next at least scea was a lease in national all right policia Europe Michael berry I find that I would like to see that wasn't too I hope you're cute how did you know I'd say that because you like to flirt with women when they call I don't that's not flirting excuse me that is a statement of fact okay raise them right back I didn't talk to Cindy I was hard on Cindy that show I figured you might be Hispanic and try to be nicer to minorities thank well that's right and so I'm calling you for your advice as a father what you would get to your boys okay starting with the it all started with a person with a pandemic so my group of friends girlfriend close knit group I care deeply about and completely disagree with their views when it came up it came out more and more very liberal rest of you and now with this race topic overwhelming everything even worse and I in the irony of it.

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