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Executive powers drawn by description on Jan Johnson. With a partial government shutdown in its third week. President Trump says he'd be justified if he used his executive authority to build a wall, we have a crisis at the border of drugs human beings, being traffic all over the world. They're coming through. And we have a an absolute crisis and criminals and gang members coming through. It is national security. The president returning to the White House after tweeting that today's talks to reopen the government work productive. But still no agreement in Texas. A twenty year old black man has been charged with the drive by killing of a seven year old blacker Harris County sheriff Ed Gonzales says a man in a red pickup who was sought in the death of jasmine Barnes was probably just a witness. It was still dark at that. At that time didn't start to rise. It's about seven fifteen seven sixteen in the morning. So it was still dark when all this was happening. A lot of different facets that could potentially impact someone's memory of what they saw at that time. The stars have been walking the red carpet for tonight's Golden Globe awards. Our Jim Roope is there. The film vice leads the list of nominees with six green book the favorite. A star is born each have five on the TV side the assassination of John ever Saatchi lease the small screen nominees with four berry. Homecoming Kaminsky method. Marvelous MRs Mazel sharp objects in a very English scandal all have three. There will be to life achievement awards handed out tonight, the sessile be award for contributions to film. We'll go to Jeff bridges and the honor called a Carol Burnett life achievement award for contributions to television. We'll go to none other than Carol Burnett herself backstage at the Golden Globe awards. I'm Jim Roope in Beverly Hills. It's a little chilly in Los Angeles, the red carpets wet from rain and lots of people in the bleachers are bundled up in coats, northern California's been seeing blizzard conditions and Atalanta.

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