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There's a sort of theme that is running through society of looking at things and giving a to a waiting for someone to bang the gong to crash. The critic saying is it right or is it wrong. This is the lyrics from applause. I feel a sense of revolution against the idea that you have to think about something before you decided to like it, and she was keen to explain her reasons full collaborating with all Kelly are Kellyanne I have sometimes very untrue things written about us. So in a way, this was a bond between us that we were able to say. The public. They can have our bodies. But they cannot have our mind our heart. It was a really natural collaboration. One. Cute. Let's start off with something right now. Yeah. Did you hear about the celebrity brother cast says I? Anthony, scare moved to. He's people on a reality. If you're in the first place at scared Bucci, Ryan de Kato kaylin Dina Lohan Ryan locked, you know, candy Berra's. I actually so I knew about Kandi Burruss. Did you hear about some rumors going about with that with Rondo so parents, she might be fired for going our governing big brother because so apparently I well that? Yeah. CBS exe- major. Interim these cast universal. No. Yes. So I was going to bring some about bring something else spring something up about that. Apparently, I got some like MTO news online apparently people at Bravo. Talked to this website. And we're talking about these inside as you were saying that apparently Bravo exects her like awestruck about the whole thing. And apparently because they big brother runs, obviously daily at pm that conflicts with Atlanta, there's also on eight PM and obviously candy split across the two shows. But apparently, nobody up. Bravo, including Andy new until it was put into the public that she was going to be on the show that she was going to be on the show, so pantley they're pissed in somebody actually in the inside was saying she might not be returned because of it. I mean, do we really need her sitting in the corner of shots grimacing? I would actually like an excuse for her to leave Atlanta. I need to see now inside of L G anymore. I yeah, I don't know leaking of inauthentic moments that Torres and her. Quote, unquote, husband need to go somewhere else other than my TV screen because where are the opportunities at this point. What does she Atlanta, find the note, find the vision, find a new storyline? That's my three main that was candy Berra's if she was to return, find the note, candy find the towel, and it was fine to the store. It's just thinking about this. I was watching the night. I was like what has she done except for being a victim for one season lasts like six that has been memorable. And I can't think of anything. Shame. I circuit LS. Why not just pay one hundred twenty grand to have another kid while your daughter says she doesn't want us to stir. Member. When her daughter got on TV and said after the way, I saw you parent your last child, I don't think you should have another one I hope with like this. Do you have anything fun and exciting to get into because I have two things that I think are like longer conversations, yum. Did you see I thought this was very interesting to see and half. We talk about her like social media like practice or whenever I saw something about it. But I would like you to enlighten me because I didn't click through. Well, I really saw this from judge bow, of course. And sounds out. Yeah. Free to Garza was talking about and Hathaway's like social media diet, and she's talking about how like an interview with his magazine, they'll get to called town and country of Corey talk lava town and country moment, right? She was talking about how she's a social media sparingly only. She has good reason. And apparently, she only uses instrument to fifteen minutes time a restriction allows her to quote, focus on my intentions. The parents she let someone else take care of the whole. Process and she liked goes through like an approval wait approve again process to make sure she can actually post what she wants. And of course, you know, keeps it all you know, inspirational, political, you know, and like the right sense..

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