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More. Senate intelligence committee has reached agreement with Donald Trump junior for a closed door interview next month. According to people familiar with the agreement who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Under terms of the deal. Trump junior will talk to the committee for up to four hours. Trump junior was subpoenaed last week by the committee to go over answers. He gave to the panel staff in twenty seventeen interview about the Russia investigation. The committee set a Monday deadline for Trump to respond, but the panel reached out Monday night and terms were agreed to Mike Rossier? Washington in his speech at a ten billion dollar liquid natural gas facility in the wheezy ouija, President Trump out of the growth of the nation's energy industry, while also criticizing the nearly two dozen Democrats who want that party's nomination for the White House. It's gonna be one of these people polka haunt I think is probably out. You got some beauties. Three hundred fifty million people, and that's the best. We could do. I don't think so even as Democrats could pick better that the Alabama state Senate has passed a near total ban on abortion, sending the Bill onto governor Kay Ivey for her signature, it would be the most restrictive abortion law in the United States sponsor say is designed as a direct challenge to Roe versus Wade three. Minnesota brothers and two other men have filed suit in federal court against the Vatican claiming the Holy See bears responsibility for the actions of a pre sexually assaulted them. Stephen hop in one of the three brothers tells reporters have too many nieces and nephews let something like this ever have anybody else. There attorney Jeff Anderson has tried twice before to sue the Vatican. But lost both times. This is a p. Radio news. On average three people a day die waiting for a liver transplant in the US. AP? Jennifer king reports that news that new rules about which patients get donated organs. I are not without controversy for decades. The transplant policy has been local I last year lawsuit was filed arguing that liver distribution maps violate federal law, and now the United network for organ sharing is changing the rules network predicts that broader sharing will save more than one hundred lives a year as people with the worst health scores in a wider region. Get a shot at a transplant ahead of those who score suggests they could wait a little longer, but hospitals in some parts of the country where there are more organ donations like the midwest and the south are suing to block it. They argue that rural patients will have to wait longer as livers are shipped to cities with fewer donations. A federal judge has refused to delay the rules, but the hospitals are appealing. I'm Jennifer king. The networks has.

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