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The tickets for all twenty yeah five over here you buy all the tickets and then after they bought all the tickets everybody would be given equal number of tickets even though all the five paid for any of the tickets then they do the scratch off they can see who is see who are the body and then after the all weather buddy Bernie would look and say okay now we're gonna throw all the tickets into the same pilot catch a ball they discovered the body equally so the people that one didn't really win they got a share of their weddings of all the people that were losers at only five people at a pay the tickets for everybody else and that they only got the same kind out of but that everybody else got from all the winning tickets had then Bernie said you don't want to come back next week we're going to do the same thing again Hey what is why it's way yeah there's a lot of tickets at all nobody wins anything people stop producing under socialism because there's no point yet CNW devry body be a geek with the poor and having equally crappy services that everything falls apart so liberty all hacked off for the third wake what's a god everybody said and said you got it covered by the lottery tickets at anybody who objects to what I'm gonna throw you in jail which is what the deleterious socialists always do in real life what happens knowing that this is the way the deal is going to be the guy who actually had the winning ticket the first time around runs out of the store and leaves before Bernie Sanders could catch him which is what the poor people that Cuba had it when they got out of the box it came to the United States before caster could steal all of their body which is why socialism as I say never works why there's no moral basis for it at the end it's generally advocated by people who are very very hypocritical who always create a higher vote for themselves see the thing about socialist countries as the leaders the politicians who are in charge amazing lay they don't treat themselves equal to everybody else Castro lives in a palace the Russian Soviet leaders lived in big huge mansions the people that were in charge of the big factories live really high off the hog what a fat face in North Korea who's the women are ordered to cabinet sexually server B. odes I got all the money in the country even Bloomberg said it fairly well best known social for the United States is a millionaire owns three houses burning well I go to hold support what about the weather we don't tell anybody about Bernie that your other social issues well you call it all of that stuff well just spread it around a little rebel you know pay for everybody's education abroad or at least a year old black course they don't want to do that the people at the top that are pushing this stuff always manage to carve themselves out and exempt themselves ready becomes the president gives us free that's free that free everything everything falls falls apart I guarantee yeah whoever the best doctor is that still left is going to be taking care of all Bernie how that works isn't it I'm guessing Castro a pretty good down there in Cuba what everybody else was nibbled on what was that I have the right to go sugar cane smoking his cigars when the poor people of Cuba we're happy to try to re like the boats that they found laying around on the ground Casterbridge support abroad of the limousines with the people of Cuba were driving around in nineteen fifty five Chevy Bel letters they say the argument against socialism is in fact quite easy to where it is I think I pretty much did hear it however is asking the impossible for a Democrat to make that argument because they've been sipping the socialist kool-aid themselves for aber and they don't know how old are you against it during capable of it so as they try they're probably going to swing and miss five twelve newstalk eleven thirty WISN it's time for rapid traffic forty three ninety four south bank credit off the high rise bridge down to the KK river twelve minutes downtown late ninety four westbound slow twenty fifth street out to.

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