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First physicians X. rays lab test and prescription drugs with twenty DC metro area medical centers eleven forty one as we have been reporting we continue to follow the breaking news and be a great Kobe Bryant dying in that helicopter crash earlier today in your Calabasas California his thirteen year old daughter G. ana was also killed in that crash in reaction continues to pour in from the world of sports the world of entertainment and the world of politics the B. T. O. P. senior sports director Dave Johnson sitting down with the wizards head coach Scott Brooks both of them talking about Bryant's legacy we're back in late on a Sunday we have set for the wizard similar hearts and and the the the show goes on with wizards their head coach Roberts this is a different after serving you and I were actually sitting in the hotel lobby day got a phone call from your wife in for me here the Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash in there it was news you're probably still trying to process right now yeah obviously very tough sad day is this is a an icon just tell and in our yep see here California guy living in Los Angeles and certainly probably that even had some closer because you have the chance to spend some time with them wait on me just everything that you want from a player from how you play how you competed it's just a the seven one of the biggest winners of NBA histories of he's a legend so everybody is involved in the game he's a legend every player in the the generation now that's that's there they say there Michael Jordan and just a sad day for family and friends and fans all over the world yeah that is Washington wizards head coach Scott Brooks eleven forty two how safe is your child from head injuries on the sports field there's a new study out that has mixed results after five years of observing youth football players on the field then conducting impact tests in their helmet lab Virginia Tech professor step into my says they've got good news and bad news the good news is young athletes have a forty percent lower risk of concussion and their adult counterparts overall there are very few injuries in this younger population because they're not running that fast not hitting that hard but we found it takes less had acceleration to cause a concussion in the youth population their findings are being used to develop like youth helmet rating system that'll let you look up your child's age group and find the helmet that's best for their level of body development Michelle Morello WTOP news when you reach for that first Cup of Joe in the morning you might be digesting more than just coffee whatever type of coffee maker you may have without routine cleaning the water holding tank could become a breeding ground for bacteria yeast or even mole it has two conditions that Germans love it's got more sure from the water or the leftover water and it tends to have warm and these are things that germs like for growing ZZ young kids with NSF international recommends following the manufactures cleaning directions Stephan Kaufman CBS news and still ahead in sports the latest on the death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant it's eleven forty four you own a time share and it's the time of the year for eye popping maintenance fees arriving in your mailbox how much will it be this time you're kidding me that's just ridiculous really how much do you actually use it is it really worth all that the vacation time to one never seem available your fees keep going up and now you're getting slammed with more costs still having fun that's it I'm out time share freedom group is.

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