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He said on one day last week, you know, one phone call can change this whole thing and to come back together again and alternately that might be what's best for everybody. If Antonio Brown makes a change which I it's hard to envision at this point. If he changes his ways and comes back and Antonio Brown. He's always been on the field. But is a lot more humble off the field. So I'm gonna put up at this point. I'm still gonna say forty percent chance that it comes back. You know, I'm gonna actually say I'm really with fifty seven percent. Let's go with the one of the great numbers in Pittsburgh with. I'm fifty seven. We'll go fifty seven now for me. Tony I. Humility doesn't matter to me. I've I've been always I've I've been at odds with friends right now to sing, and I've been going back and forth, and I actually feel a little wishy washy because I don't wanna see this guy. But I want the players to be accountable for their actions. So that's where I am very flitted. You know, I hate the fact that they have say, well, what is productions that when he doesn't produce as well. He's not worth it anymore, and we'll just put up with it. But if your. Say already burns you do this. Once you're gone. I mean. Godly already burns were lesser players like dairy Hayward bay who is a very good guy. But they lesser players got got to walk a tightrope where this guy can. To bring the circus in the locker room, then the matter. So that's that's where my conflict is with this report. I'm kind of thinking that. This is just going to be drama that we'll be put behind and he won't be wearing number eighty four in black and gold. So we'll say there's I think it's a fifty seven percent chance and a lot higher than forty. So we'll see how this plays out. It's going to be very interesting as well before we get ready to go we need to we talked briefly about the Super Bowl. We talked three flea about the fact that you don't think the lectures been taking off I do. Factor fiction. The NFL wants the patriots win the Super Bowl. I'm gonna say fiction. I think they went to patriots to be to be a factor every year, which, you know, mission accomplished. But I think I think it's a I don't think they want them to win. I think they want people to root for or against them. So I definitely think they went into be in running every year. So I'll say that. I, you know, of course, they wanted to be in the running. I agree with that. I think it's a fact I think they want them to win the Super Bowl this year. And I think they want them to go away. I think they went to win the sixty per more in quit. I think that's what they're hoping for because. I kind of get the feeling that Roger Goodell. China has his tail between his legs when it comes to the patriots. I'll never forget two years ago on that podium after the twenty eight three which hear about all the time twenty eight to three twenty three, but when Robert Kraft just basically snubbed Goodell, but said, they know and believe it's us against the world, which is a whole bunch of rap. But this was all because of the placate and all that that stuff. But it's just kind of makes me think that kind of think they get leeway because of the way that was handled and everything that happened there. And that's just the, hey, that's that's just me that that love controversy and love conspiracy alum conspiracy theories. And I think about him all the time. I still think there's a matrix conspiracy theory, but it's not because they they're in bed with them. It's because they wanna get out of bed with them. They wouldn't just get rid of these guys. And they're hoping that they win if Bill Bella check in Tom Brady or top the podium and the patriots win. This will be their last year in the NFL section. Fiction because if they if they tied the Steelers if they if they tied for most Super Bowl wins. What what makes you think they're not gonna I'm gonna go for seven next year?.

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