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In my my overall life to keep doing that and I had planned to retire but of course you know once the race is done you just get that Ichiken you wanted you wanna I do and I I would have kept doing it if I wasn't limited. Asthma so in a way is good because it's helped me to my the plans of. It's my kids you know. They were teenagers at the time. I said well I'm normal now because I don't bike race anymore. Art So we're on a covered porch here that looks out at the water. Analysis Walk Inside. Go in the front door here. The main and cabin is just a sixteen by sixteen foot room. And there'll be a woodstove back there to keep us warm and it's a quick a tour of this little building you can see the whole thing pretty much from one place. We've been working really hard on this cabin. We started at the end of May and it's been all work this summer on the cabin and it was kind of interesting to sit down in the chair with you guys right now and and look out the window and kind kind of relaxed for a moment. Hi My name's Tim boost. Were sitting inside my cabin. That's under construction on shelter island. We're about ten miles from Juno Alaska. Ska There's no utilities on the island and it's accessible only by boat. The whole front of the cabin is a wall of windows and the the views are wonderful. When I was working last week I heard a loud booming knows I turned around and there was a humpback whale breaching right in front of the cabin? Yeah it's the view really makes the place I knew from the time I was a young kid growing up in Oregon that I really wanted to move to Alaska. I started getting Alaska magazine. When I was in grade school? I moved to Alaska Aska actually the day that I finished my last class of.

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