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Roeder was supposed to be your animists or not it's easy david ortiz failed adriana another a supposed to be anonymous or not i think it's easy there but when you deal with innuendo rumors or or things like that it makes it very very difficult well look you know me my feeling is what it is probably in the minority i just think this certain guys who you know bormann all fame for what they did on the field whether they eventually used performance enhancing drugs or not i don't care and to me you you gotta have barry bonds and all thayn the guy belongs to the guy did things in baseball nobody ever did so you are not moved by joe morgan i'm not i don't like what the guy is person in a world that was a jerk and i certainly can't stand roger clemens but i mean you know the guys did stuff that nobody did roger clemens one seven seiyung awards i'm sorry there's a hall of famer strong opinion like that do anything to the low volume he's guys though because you know but here's the thing you know i'm sure and i don't know i don't know of joe morgan did or not but back in those days we all know what is their role steamroll popping those green that's right so oh god but it was okay because it was okay to give me i'm glad you brought that up because that's what really makes this so dining force who is the arbitrator on what type of drug his record and what type of drug is not you could of course was the arbitrator of that who is the god of drugs to tell us what is good and what's not good and i'm like you man it's not that i don't care gm korologos are more towards the gray than i am with you write it'll add that i don't care what did that i look at the big picture of it and barry bonds and roger clemens big picture to me and i know they treated confident than killers but i wasn't sticking the needle into no one hundred percent of our god confident that stuff happened but i saw enough success before that ever happened and isos excess that is.

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